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2013 horoscopes

Aquarius Horoscope 2013

Overall Aquarius Horoscope 2013

The year 2013 is a year that will be quite good for many Aquarians. The overall energies of the year, in which the “age of Aquarius” will come in full stride, will be easy for the Aquarians.

At the same time many Aquarians will be faced with challenges and obstacles from their environment, especially when it comes to living out their ideas and wishes. Saturn in transit in Scorpio square their Sun, and therefore pose challenges to their way of presenting themselves to the world, as well as their manifestations.

Aquarians will feel like they have the right answers, as if they do know the right way or direction, but will find it hard to communicate their vision, and gain support from all other involved.

In a way, many Aquarians will attempt to bring in new ways and ideas that could make other feel uneasy, or feel threatened with the radical solutions. Aquarians should follow their course, even if it means working harder or going for it on their own.

Career Horoscope Aquarius 2013

If any area will have obstacles in this year of 2013, it will be the Career area. Aquarians will want to do things their own way, and will not always get the support they wish for.

Aquarians who work for themselves will find themselves frustrated by Government policies, by rules and regulations that are outdated but still enforced. Still, they can overcome all those by facing each and every obstacle as they present themselves.

Aquarians in large institutions or large offices will be frustrated by the lack of clarity they see around them, and many of them will feel as if they are able to work much better if they stay and work from home, away from the office atmosphere.

Overall, Aquarians will be favored this year since they do have the answers and the capabilities needed in all fields, especially in the technology field. Many of them will be high demand, and will work very hard compensating for others who will not do their part of their work.


Relationships Horoscope Aquarius 2013

Relationships should be easy going for many Aquarians. The last 10 years have had many highs and lows, moments of great romance and moments of hard disillusionment. This year of 2013 can be a nice year for all who have long term relationships.

Single Aquarians will not know whether they really wish to get into a serious relationship. They will have the opportunities, but they might want to pursue other things instead of a close relationship.

Aquarians love spending time with friends and with like minded people, and this year will bring many opportunities to do just that.


Direction for Aquarius 2013

2013 is a year in which the energies are quite compatible with the Aquarian energies. Other people around will find it hard to manage but not the Aquarians. In a way, the biggest obstacle this year will be to stay true to themselves.

Challenges will come from the outside, from the environment, and from other people demanding from the Aquarians to help them and be there for them. Aquarians love to help, and love to serve others, but many of them will need to learn to say no to too many demands, and teach other people that the best way to deal with life is by facing them on their own.

Over the course of the year Aquarians will feel their individuality, they will also feel like participants in a group (these are not two sides of the same coin, you can only be a member in a group after you are an individual). These activities will have very positive long lasting effects.


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