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2014 horoscopes

Aries Horoscope 2014

Aries Horoscope 2014 Overall:

The year 2014 will have different influences on many Aries. Some will find themselves spending more time at home, others will deal with surprises they were not anticipating, some better than expected and some worse. There is an underlying push for a better world and a better self, in 2013 those seemed so close, yet in 2014 you will realize that there is a long way to go to that new beginning.

Those born between March 29-April 5th will experience a major transformation. For some it will be an exhilarating time, for others it will feel as if they are being smashed from within, and that they have to deal with forces and situations they have not concisely signed on.

Those born before March 29 have completed their transformation and are busy integrating their new selves to the world with new possibilities opening up. Those born after April 5 will find themselves feeling a bit on a “hold” waiting for something that they cannot define.

All Aries will feel the need for some roots, the desire to hold on to something, and some unfulfilled yearning for some unknown ideal. The best way to get in touch with this will be via family connections, old friends and a dedication to whatever pursuit you have.

Mars will be in retro in Libra from March 1st to May 20th making all Aries feel as if the wind in knocked out of them, this will be an excellent time to get back to romantic partners (or business partners) from the past. It is a good time to heal, to apologize, to forgive and move forward without the resentments and hurts.

Aries Career Horoscope 2014

The first half of the year will not be easy for many Aries. They will feel stuck and unappreciated for their efforts. From July onward it will be easier to find new ways of expression. The best advice I have for you is to keep on going even when its hard, even when you feel down and any advancements seems far off. Those who will be able to keep on going through the winter will see that their efforts are being recognized during the fall and early winter. This is not a good year to start a new venture on your own, but rather have partners go along with you. Better to try and see if you can get ahead within the organization or career you already have.

Aries Relationships Horoscope 2014

The beginning of the year will bring with it energies that will make you want to make commitments, to have something you can hold on to, the desire for meaningful relationships that will be there in good times as well as bad times.

Those who are looking for partners to share their lives with will be surprised to see them coming. These partners will see the vulnerability and will lend real support and meaning for a relationship that can be very deep. If you are looking for real love, this is the time, ask family members to help you meet with new partners.

The second part of the year will bring more confidence, and with it less of a desire to get tied down and settle. This will be a good time for those who just want to have fun. Overall, if you are genuine and come with an open heart, even though you may feel down in many areas, this is the perfect time to find a mate.


Direction Aries Astrology 2014

Aries will feel a bit exhausted, as if the motor is running on low this year of 2014. For so many, there will be a big gap between the way they feel and the way things really are, since so many will make huge steps towards taking responsibility and doing the right thing just because they are too tired to run away or manipulate.

This can be a year in which family ties and connections can show their beautiful face, supporting and helping Aries sign members when they are a bit off, reminding them that they are loved and nurtured.

The period from Sept – Dec will be a very positive one with the return of the love of life, with the renewed confidence that there is support, there are people behind you who want to see you succeed.

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