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Full Moon Sagittarius / Gemini, December 2013 Horoscope

SagittariusThe Full Moon in Gemini / Sagittarius of 2013 is all about conciseness.  Many who read these posts are in a spiritual journey, and around the time of the full moon you will get a chance to see yourself and your relationship to your spirit in a whole new way.

The full moon is on the 25 degree of Sagittarius, conjunct the galactic center, opening a direct channel to spirit, soul and your present self. This is something you long for, but are you ready to understand the messages you get?

So many of you are concerned with financial issues, and relationship issues. When you meet your spirit/soul you get a glimpse of true objectivity, and what you get is a kind of an answer you would not like. In truth, soul/spirit could not care less about money, they do care a lot about your relationships with the people in your life.

So, to begin with, do not ask for financial advice because you will not get a real answer, or anything that can be used to change those circumstances. When you ask about your relationships, be prepared to see how you either play a victim role, how you play games of manipulations and lies with your loved ones, or you might get a glimpse on what does work, where you do play the game of relationships well and therefore can enhance those assets and be a source of more good to the people around you.

Sagittarius and Gemini are the signs that highlight the mental nature of humans. The hire mind is Sagittarius the lower one in Gemini should work together. Lofty ideas (Sagittarius) are nice, but they don’t make a difference until they become part of the everyday reality (Gemini).

When these two signs do not cooperate well we get a lot of talk and nothing done, when they cooperate well we get wisdom.

Full Moon horoscope:

Full Moon Gemini Sagittarius 2013

The full moon horoscope presents us with two Quincunx (or inconjunct) aspects: reminder about these aspects: they are not “doing” aspects, but rather since you feel like you cannot do much, you turn inward and develop conciseness.

–          Venus inconjunct moon: This specific aspect is the aspect that makes us wonder and think about what it is we need to feel loved. Is it material comfort? Is it relationship under any circumstances (stay in abusive relationship just so that you will not be alone). The other issue that this represents (Capricorn to Gemini) is the constant question of what is socially acceptable to share about your emotions and what should be kept private.


–          Sun inconjuct Jupiter; this aspect from Jupiter the ruler of the Sun, in cancer, to the Sun in Sagittarius can be experienced in two ways: you either feel sorry for yourself and your lack of money to buy yourself all that you want, or you feel sorry for spending too much on stuff that you do not really need. Either way this is a good time to realize that you do have far more than you need, that you have gone into debt by buying and spending on things that you never really wanted in the first place.

To add a lot of fire to this horoscope the T square between Mars /Pluto / Uranus will make many who are just waiting to lash out do just that. Frustrations are normal and we are all used to them, the question is how do we react when they present themselves in our lives. Do we go into a fit of rage, do we curse a bit and move on, do we understand that these are part of life experience and find a constructive way to deal with them?


Sagittarius Gemini Full moon 2013AND, on Dec 21 Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn:

Venus is already stationary in the full moon, turning retrograde on Dec 21 for a month and a half. The theme for this Venus in retrograde in Capricorn is (again) the readjustment of Governments, especially in their regulating (or not regulating) financial institutions.

We might get some nasty surprises again in our financial institution, but this time, unlike the last times when those same institutions got away with their crimes for the sake of stability, this time no one will be there to bail out anyone, no Government will let the officers and the managers of those institutions get away and keep their profits in their pockets.

For many who have been the managers of money around the world, this Venus in retrograde will mark the end of their reign.

The Venus in Retrograde in Capricorn will stress even more the issue of unemployment, and the problem that all those who do have a job face tough conditions and the constant threat of losing their jobs.


This was all a bit depressing and yet Sagittarius is the sign of miracles, is the sign of hopes and the sign where the future always promises something good. A bit readjustment in your expectations can change your level of happiness faster than you think.






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