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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon Virgo/Pieces: September 12, 2011 Horoscope

full moon virgo piecesFull Moons are time to reflect, time to celebrate, and time to make friends with the night. Many of our holidays are still celebrated around full moons when the nights are naturally illuminated.  Full Moons are also the time where people get in tune with their deepest feelings, when humanity guides are transmitting the light of conciseness, understanding and compassion.

It is advised Not to start any new project within the 24 hours of the full moon, but rather use that day for mundane tasks, while enjoying an acute sense of meditation.  Full Moons are times for reflection.

Take a look at your chart, locate the 19th degree of the Mutable signs, any planet on this degree will be affected by the full moon. In affected I mean, understood in a new way, rather than acted upon. The action will follow when the point is activated next time by a transiting planet.

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

Humility. What is it?

Fixing up – What can you realistically fix up in your environment , and what you cannot fix up in your emotional nature, and therefore accept it as it is?

Healing – What am I attempting to heal forever and ever now? Was it healed but I didn’t notice? Can I take the next step and live as if I am healed?

Criticism. Can I use that force with compassion and therefore, get the best out of it, instead of the freezing defensive response that seem to come out of it?

full moon virgo pieces 2Virgo – Pieces

The Virgo/Pieces Full Moon is a good time to magnify physical and spiritual purity, healing modalities and their use in daily life, the gap between the human capabilities of environment control, manipulation and adaptation (Virgo), and the will of god (Pieces).

Virgo is all about physical organization, cleanliness, self discipline, focus, and the planning and the control of every small detail of one’s daily mundane life. Pieces is all about flowing with what is, no discipline, no planning, and no boundaries.

Both signs look for purity: Virgo in the physical sense of keeping with a correct diet, organization, and exercising. Pieces in the spiritual sense of purity: purifying motives and aspirations.

Those signs also bring into focus the Oneness and the many parts, Virgo likes separating, sorting, discriminating, analyzing, and criticizing, while the Pieces stresses fusion with the whole, unification.

In Virgo we learn the power of control, of details, of taking care and adapting nature to our needs, we learn humility by letting our actions speak for us. In Pieces we learn to appreciate nature as it is, learning that our humane power is limited, learning humility in front of forces that cannot be controlled. In Virgo we learn how to help by diagnosing and prescribing the right medicine, while in Pieces we help by compassion and acceptance.

When discussing Virgo/Pieces the issue of spiritual practices comes up. Any true “road”, combines those two energies within it. Each modality stress the need for self discipline, the need for setting up boundaries and actively purify ourselves, and at the same time learn to accept life as it is, the power of prayer, and giving up the self will.

In essence both ends are needed, the Virgo which stress the physical actions that will lead you closer to god, and the Pieces which stresses the fact the you already are part of god.

The full moon horoscope: September 12, 09:26 GMT, 19th  degree of Virgo/Pieces.

The Horoscope of the Full Moon highlights practical Virgo Sun opposing the dreamy Pieces moon, who prefers to let god take care of things. This specific horoscope strengthens the Virgo attitude, stressing that there is a a lot that can be done. This is suggested by the triangle of trines between Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter in the earth signs. More than that, the sun and moon are in harmonious aspects to Mars in Cancer. Mars in Cancer is considered weak, but here, in this horoscope, it adds to the feeling that right activity is possible, and that it is a way of blending the need for spiritual quiescence with spiritual discipline.  

Saturn and Neptune form a sesquiquadrate, adding a tone of a Moral debate to this horoscope. What is the Moral thing to do? Let god decide? (Neptune), Follow the common low (Saturn)?

This horoscope will not solve this issue for us, just highlight it, and each person/nation will have to decide how it will incorporate the wish for a dream world to all with our current daily life and demands.

On a global scale, this is Not a violent configuration, but rather one that forces you to deal with what is in front of you either by ignoring it, pouring all your energies into some minute detail (usually unimportant one) and attempting to fix that one up (Virgo), or by accepting what you cannot change and build a better foundation to hold it and make it work (Pieces and Virgo at their best).full moon sep 12, 2011

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