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2013 horoscopes

Gemini Horoscope 2013

Overall Gemini Horoscope for 2013

This year in theory should be great for Gemini. Many Gemini will have new opportunities and the overall energy of 2013 is compatible with the Gemini energies. Fast paced communication, many new opportunities to learn new things, opening up to new knowledge, and a year that emphasizes friendly relationships feels comfortable to Gemini.

The only issue that will confound those born in Gemini is the feeling of ‘too much’. Many of you will find it hard to concentrate on one thing and prioritize. Gemini should in a way deal with a few things at a time, and yet, many will need to limit their interests to what is humanly possible to deal with sincerely and seriously.

Gemini born between May 22 and May 26 would find they are dealing with a lot of confusion. Their creative energy will flow, but they will find many obstacles on the way to materializing those ideas and a constant need to take care of themselves or those close to them.

All the Gemini will have good opportunities coming their way in the first half of 2013, but only those Gemini who will actually do the work, make an effort, and invest  themselves will be able to manifest those opportunities into a life change for the better.

Career horoscope 2013 for Gemini

This year of 2013 will bring many Gemini good (work?) opportunities. The year will favor people with Gemini qualities of good communications, multi-cultural abilities, who are laid back and befriend easily. All Gemini can enjoy more of what they like which is to learn new things, go on trips long or short, and meet many people.

One word of caution is that Gemini will have to pay attention and think before they speak. Part of the 2013 energies does not tolerate lies or cover ups, so all Gemini should check the facts before they make statements, or write Emails.

Gemini who are looking for a career change will be able to do it quite easily in the first half of 2013, and realize that in the second half they will need to prove themselves. This should not be too difficult, since they learn so fast, and their computer skills are usually above average.

Relationships Gemini 2013

This year of 2013 will bring many opportunities in the romantic arena to the Gemini as well. Those that are in a relationship will need to make an effort to meet with their spouse in between the demands of their daily life. No Gemini though, will be sorry about any time spent with their spouse since a strong and close relationship can help give the right focus and direction which is needed very much this year.

All Gemini will need someone they can trust by their side to help them make the right choices for the future.

Single Gemini will find it very difficult to decide or settle down. They will find their appeal on the rise, and they will be courted and wooed by many. As long as they do not take anything too seriously, they can enjoy this attention.

Direction Gemini 2013

Overall 2013 is a good year for Gemini. Their basic nature and the year’s energies are compatible, so they will be able to feel like themselves and enjoy their activities without too much effort.

The year 2013 will be bringing with it so many opportunities that even the Gemini who are ‘famous’ for doing many things at once, will need to make choices and invest their energy only in about three things. It is best for them to use the advice of people from earth signs when making decisions, especially those that pertain to the future.

Gemini can enjoy learning new things, and should emphasis as much as they can their multi cultural skills. Any opportunity to go abroad should be ‘grabbed’ and enjoyed to its fullest. Learning new languages will be easy and rewarding in the long run.

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