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2015 horoscopes

Libra Horoscope 2015

Libra Overall Horoscope 2015:

In 2015 the energies relax for many Libras, this sounds wonderful, yet you do not know how to handle boredom, how not to need to do more, fix more, and if this is not yours to take care of, you take other’s people problems as your own. Many of you will find out during the year that those other people suddenly want to take care of their own issues by themselves, and you are left with a lot of free time.

Libras born between Oct 7 – Oct. 11 will get an influx of energy, many will be forced to change their lives completely, other find themselves working a lot, or pushing themselves in a way they are not familiar with.

For all Libras 2015 is a year in which you feel in between. You are thinking of making choices, but not actually making them. Some of you will face more free time in their schedule and will face the hard task of learning what to with it. It is best for you all to invest that time in making your lives prettier, rather than doing that for others who simply do not want nicer life.

In 2015 the north node is traveling in your sign asking you to stretch beyond your limits, telling you that you can be more compassionate, less judgmental, and care just a little bit less about what others may or may not say about you.

Venus retrograde in the Summer (late July to beginning of Sept. promises to be the more interesting time of the year.

Libra Career Horoscope 2015

This is a year in which you will constantly think of making a carreer move, yst will not do it. The reason vary; many of you have jobs that you are good in, that you like or you like the people around you, and will don’t want to face starting over. Many others have got to a comfort place, are paid well, and find no reason to let that go. Many others just do not want to make that effort.

You will work the same as last year, but it will feel easier, and not as demanding, a lot of it is because you have become good at what you do. You will spend more time socializing with your co-workers, making a nice environment for all.

There is no major push forward, only the day to day small improvement, leaving you a little bit bored, but happier, and helping others around you, or becoming the one who organizes the office’s events.

Libra Relationships Horoscope 2015

In 2015 you have the chance to learn how to worry less in your relationship. Those of you who are attached already know that the relationship is strong, and trust their partners a bit more. It is a year where you enjoy the friendship even more than the romance.

Libras who are looking for love will also allow themselves to relax and meet new people without the high expectations; they too, will enjoy the friendship more than the courtship, without any demands for commitment.

The time to watch how all the above changes for a while is when Venus retrogrades in the Summer, and suddenly you are looking for movie-like love, you do want more attention, and you feel frustrated. This will pass come mid-September.

Libra Astrology Direction 2015

2015 is the year to learn how to do positive things with your spare time. It may be for other people, it may be the world at large. You will find that you are looking to do something a bit more meaningful, and that that something is not in your regular day job, but at your own spare time.

Overall this a good year for many Libras who will enjoy a bit more easiness in their lives, knowing that this is not the year to push hard, since there is no real need for it.

All Libras will want to add more people into their circle, it is not the year to retreat, but rather join in on many varied activities.


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