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2013 horoscopes

Scorpio Horoscope 2013

Overall Scorpio horoscope 2013

Scorpios will experience a heavy Saturn influence in the year 2013. Saturn is the energy that shows you exactly where you are, what you have and can reward or punish. With Saturn promises, wishes, negotiations and any attempt to bend the rules fail.

It is hard to predict how each Scorpio will be affected by this Saturn influence. I have seen people flourish under this influence, putting some order and stability into their lives, I have seen people who realize how much they were living beyond their means, and now is the time to pay the price.

Scorpios, who tend to keep their private lives private, will retreat into themselves even more than the usual. Those close to them will find it hard to talk to them, understand what is going on, and will be surprised by the decisions many Scorpios will take.

Overall, all Scorpios will feel like they are growing up this year, as if they were playing a child’s game up until now, and now they are playing in the adult field. Many will feel older than they really are.

Career horoscope Scorpio 2013

In 2013 Scorpios will see changes in their career, many will feel like they are pushed into work places and environments which are not their first choice, but do offer some stability in the long run.

Scorpios will not feel like they are having an easy time at work, they will feel like they need to call upon resources to handle all that comes their way.

Some Scorpios will get promotions or placements in which they are at a managerial position, or they have a lot of responsibilities. This will require them to develop their interpersonal skills to learn how to cooperate.

In a way, all Scorpios will see what they are worth, those that have been putting a lot of effort in past years, managed to keep their work relationships smooth, and kept their word, will be rewarded beyond their expectations. Still, the new path will require hard work and effort.

Scorpios, who have not done well, especially on the day to day workplace relationships, will have to look for new jobs.

Relationships horoscope Scorpio 2013

Scorpios will find out that in this year they will have to make commitments. The games are over, and it is decision time. This pertains to both single Scorpios, and attached Scorpios.

Scorpios, whose relationships are filled with burdens, blames, expectations, and even lies, will have to face up to the reality of their relationships. Any attempt to get counseling and to set up new ways of communicating will help a lot in making new and better foundations to their current relationships.

Single Scorpios will be looking for a relationship that has a future in it. They will be surprise by their choices.

Direction for Scorpio 2013

2013 is the year to grow up. During the year many Scorpios will feel like they are getting old, feel the need to establish a future for themselves, both financially, and on a relationship level.

This year will not tolerate any attempts to avoid difficulties; they will bounce back two times worse. The best way to handle the energies is deal with any issue as soon as it arises, as best as possible.

Scorpios who will shoulder their responsibilities will be rewarded with a clear path, and a lot of peace of mind, helping them establish very solid foundations for the future.


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