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New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio Horoscope: November 2012

The up and coming solar eclipse promises to be interesting, and for some, transformational. An eclipse is a powerful new moon, their impact can be of endings and new beginning and can bring major changes in our lives. They are usually felt from one month prior to its occurrence, and up to six months after.

Those who want to know best what this eclipse has in store for them, can try and remember the period around Nov 13, 1993, when there was another solar eclipse almost on the same degree.

How eclipses affect us?

Those who are affected are those with a planet on the point of the eclipse, in this case, 22° Scorpio, or near it. A lesser affect will be felt by anyone with a planet on 22 of any other of the fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius). The rest will experience some new attitude in the house in which the eclipse happen to be on their charts.

Possible happenings around an eclipse:

A month prior to the eclipse something happens, a notable example is the head of the CIA, David Petraeus, who lost his job, his status, and his good name due to misconduct around sex (Scorpio anyone?). I know a few more people with personal planets around the 22 Scorpio, and all of them made changes either in their career, their status, or their relationships. I must stress that many made the changes without being forced from the outside. Someone quit their job because they felt it was time, another decided to invest in a new business just because. Another started a relationship that feels like karmic relationship, there are many possibilities; each is unique just like each person is unique.

Around the time of the eclipse nothing happens, accept for deep feelings of uneasiness.

A month after the eclipse something happens that forces you to become far more realistic. This could be the moment you realize that your new lover is just a person, and not that much different from your old lovers. You realize that this new job has the same demands as those that you had before.

There is always a tendency to try and revert back to the way things were, even if they made us miserable. But then, we can’t go back as if nothing happened. We have changed, and the old suit does not fit us anymore, even if we really want to wear it again, it feels very uncomfortable. Those who try to re-start their old work, simply don’t fit in anymore, those who try to get back to the person they broke up with, realize that the old flame is not there anymore. We also experience the wounds of the past.

This is the time when you CAN act differently. You CAN find yourself saying something new or using your voice in a different manner (you do not need to scream anymore, you can just say what you feel in a regular tone for example). You can show yourself and the world a new aspect of you, a more real you, one that is more in tune with your current and future environment.

Six months after the eclipse you forget that you used to be different, your automatic reactions have shifted to the degree that you don’t remember how you used to be.

This eclipse is in Scorpio, so every small change can go a long way. I must stress that the change can be good or bad. For example someone may play a bit on the stock market one month prior to the eclipse, but 6 months later he is in deep financial troubles. On the other hand, someone who always had financial challenges can start a new job one month before the eclipse, and six months later he is able to pay off his debts.

And now for this horoscope:

ScorpioSun/moon/north node are only in minor aspects to Pluto and Uranus. The 45 and the 135 are aspects that show frustrations, a feeling of being stuck, and wanting to break out of the old, but unable to, or not knowing how.

Transformation does not come easy, and these aspects will bring up many of our expectations. We expect one thing from the world (or other people), and are surprised to get something different. Those that are flexible enough to accept the surprises, will have an easier time.

Yet, this is a time to take action, Mars (in Sagittarius), the old ruler of Scorpio, is in good aspect to Neptune, helping all those who have faith take action and do what they preach, rather than just talk and not much doing.

Another interesting point is the solitary Jupiter, making no aspects to any other planet, as if its energy is sitting on the sidelines this time.


The new moon takes place on November 13, 22:07 GMT, 22° of Scorpio.

Scorpio new moon 2012



Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: Pluto

House: 8th House


Scorpio is associated with transformation on a deep level, and on the outer level with the things that change us from our core: sex, occult studies and practices, dealing with death, and financial relationships with others.

If you think of any of the above, and the way each of them has changed you personally (be it a sexual relationship, a feud over money, somebody’s death) – you can understand why we say that Scorpio is where transformation takes place.

Since people don’t like to change, many of those transformations feel hard and painful, we feel naked and out of control, and experience all those feelings of separateness and loneliness. Those issues can also lead us to jealousy, and send us looking for revenge.

The Scorpio energy is there to uncover those deeper feelings, and when we allow this to happen, we are also filled with what is beneath them: unbelievable strength and ability to become in tuned to the soul, and its healing powers.

We are already seeing issues with sexual misconduct being exposed, as well as finance misconducts by Governments and individuals. This is true all over the world. When we see all that wrong, is when we can start healing, changing and maybe getting a glimpse of the beautiful Scorpio energy of re-birth into life with values and heart connections.



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