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New Moon in Pisces Horoscope: February 21, 2012

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Pieces is the first real emphasis on this sign since Neptune entered it for a  14 years duration in its home sign.the energy that Neptune brings into its home sign, accentuates anything that is related to it: connection to the many, no boundaries, star quality, escapism, and finding […]

Full Moon Aquarius / Leo Horoscope: February 7, 2012

I was thinking of the theme for this full moon horoscope, when I saw a group of teenagers hanging out together, each holding a smart phone, all are completely engrossed in their small screens. Leo the individual, Aquarius the group – we have it in this picture. Many individuals playing something with their Smartphone, while […]

New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope: January 23, 2012

New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope: January 23, 2012 The Horoscope of the New Moon in Aquarius reflects the forces of new beginnings vs. the need to settle open issues that will not go away on their own. Overall, this is a very positive horoscope, bringing in the possibility of clear thinking WITH an open heart. […]

Full Moon Capricorn / Cancer Horoscope: January 9, 2012

The Horoscope of the Full Moon in Capricorn – Cancer offers hope and encouragement. After many months of new and full moon horoscopes that served to feed desires, dreams, but failed to show the right path, or way into the future. This first full moon of 2012, the year of change gives us hope and […]

New Moon in Capricorn Horoscope: December 24, 2011

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Capricorn is all about long term planning, but with many misunderstanding and mis-linking around our projects.  The Sun and Moon conjunction in the early degrees of Capricorn want to create a plan, one that will hold on at least throughout the next year, and if possible, for longer. […]

Full Moon (Eclipse) Sagittarius / Gemini Horoscope: December 10, 2011

The Horoscope of the Full Moon in Sagittarius-Gemini is heightened by its being an Eclipse.  To get some understanding on the energies lets look at Sagittarius – Gemini, or the axis of knowledge. Both of those signs are sponges to information. In this day and age we have a lot of it. Right now you […]

New Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope: November 25, 2011

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Sagittarius brings with it excitement, big dreams, and fiery dedications to a plan, an idea, a relationship. Something that captures our imagination, something to get excited about, to talk loud about, to promise ourselves that there is hope, and that our future is better than the present. These […]

Full Moon Scorpio – Taurus Horoscope: November 10, 2011

The Horoscope of the Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus brings with it the combination of life flowing along, and at the same time experiencing  a bit of an isolation from what is going on around us, when we feel that our desires are not met, but at the same time we do get other valuable things […]

New Moon in Scorpio Horoscope: October 26, 2011

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Scorpio brings with it the energies of full commitment coming from the heart, and their exact opposite: breaking up and braking hearts.  The configuration with 4 planets in Scorpio: Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury calls out for the real thing, the real love, the one thing that each […]

Full Moon Libra/Aries: October 12, 2011 Horoscope

The Horoscope of the Full Moon in Libra Aries continues the focus on the need to decide. Libra in its nature prefers pondering and weighing and likes to find a middle ground, Aries in its nature acts before any real decision has been made. Both of them together can find the balance between jumping into […]

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