Sagittarius in esoteric astrology

Sagittarius esoteric astrology

    Ray Name
Constellation Sagittarius IV Harmony through Conflict
Constellation Sagittarius V Concrete Science
Constellation Sagittarius VI Idealism. Devotion
Orthodox Ruler Jupiter II Love-Wisdom
Esoteric Ruler The Earth III Active Intelligence


Sagittarius is one of only two constellations that receive the energy of 3 different rays. It is also the recipient of 2 more energies via its 2 rulers, Jupiter and the earth. This may serve to illustrate why so many Sagittarians are filled with so many talents, have varied abilities, and yet, find it very hard to concentrate on one thing and succeed in one area in their lives.

With so many energies representing all the rays accept the 1st and the 7th rays, they get along with everybody, they have the ability to accept everybody as they are, and keep a very broad mind when it comes to viewing life. They are also known for being a bit scattered and their lack of attention to detail. With so much going on and Jupiter as the ruler they dream lofty dreams, yet do not know how to manifest those, they strive for more knowledge, and for more freedom.

They evade commitment without being aware of it, yet do not understand why they are alone, they long for true relationships that have in them the combination of the 3 rays: 4, 5 and 6: Devotion, intellect, and attraction.  The symbol of the Sagittarius is that of an arrow, and they do shoot many of those to all directions. Yet, they can waste their lives with dreams, ideas and pursuits that might interest them, but are not relevant to anyone else and have no added value to society in them.

The presence of the 4th ray forces them into many relationships; they idealize the idea of a relationship, but find it hard to cope with all the demands this put on them and their sense of freedom to pursue some distant goal. In their interaction, they boast about their intellect and knowledge, not really listening and seemingly uncaring. Their lack of tact is well known and it is caused by this need to know more than others.

In many cases they fail to just listen to what others have to say, believing themselves to know better than anybody else. They count on their luck, dreaming of the day gold will run in their direction, and therefore can do nothing for years accept dream of riches and fame that may or may not come. All this time, their ambition is for their own glory, for their own riches, and the validation of their point of view.

SagittariusThe Sagittarian who comes under the influence of the earth as its ruler learns how to combine all those different energies and direct them together, aim at one goal at a time. The earth is the meeting pace of all those different energies that are engulfing us. Under its rulership, the 3rd ray starts synthesizing all the other rays into the active intelligent Sagittarian. He is now able to be very active in the physical world, leaving the high dreams behind him; he is now able to commit to a project, a person, an ideal. All the understanding can become practical and practiced in everyday life. He no longer hides behind his smartness, but is very open and sharing with his wisdom. No longer needing to be “the know it all person”, he in know able to listen and share his knowledge in the right way as to benefit the other person.

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