Pisces in esoteric astrology

Pisces esoteric astrology

Ray Name
Constellation Pisces II Love-Wisdom
Constellation Pisces VI Idealism. Devotion
Orthodox Ruler Jupiter II Love-Wisdom
Esoteric Ruler Pluto I Will or Power


The constellation of Pisces is the transmitter of the 2nd and 6th rays, which make those born in Pisces very sensitive as is well known. The question to ask is what are they sensitive to? Is it the 6th ray of devotion to true spirit or to anything that will make them feel better for a few minutes and then they will need more of it? Is it sensitivity to their own egos and therefore they are hurt all the time by the simplest remark that might criticize them, or is it sensitivity to the wrongs of this harsh world which makes them suffer just as much.

When the 2nd ray and the 6th ray combine forces we get dispersed energy. It is very hard for People in Pisces to find a focal point or direction, because those two energies are very fluid and scatter quickly in all directions. It is also a very idealistic combination wishing and hoping for a better future all the time, but failing to take the simple next step in this reality in the here and now. They have mediumistic abilities, but it is so hard for them to translate all that information into something useful, and many times this ability only causes even more confusion in their minds and their actions.

Under the rulership of Jupiter, people in Pisces simply do not have any boundaries, the huge amount of 2nd ray energy makes them very loving and very trusting in everybody that comes along, makes it hard for them to draw the line between real love and abuse. They want to help others so much, but are they helping others in a real way or just becoming victims also, out of empathy. This also accounts to the many fears they have, the doubts and the worries they keep having about themselves, afraid of the dark, of moving too fast, of monsters and of fate.

In Pisces we can meet the best and the worst of worldly love. We see the sacrifice, and we see the results of this sacrifice (people just want more and more), at the same time we do get a taste of what universal love is, since Pisces are the ones who are there for everybody, they take care, they accept and they help all the desolates and the outcasts of humanity.

PiscesAs their conciseness elevates, they start to use the power of Pluto. Pluto has a beautiful side to it: coming from deep within, the person can finally see the real from the unreal, and all the devotion and love are combined now with wisdom. Pluto only destroys that which keeps one a prisoner, and Pisces are prisoners in their habits, in their tendency to avoid anything they do not like, in their wish to appease others. When Pluto’s energy starts to gain momentum in their lives, they have no problem in knowing how to say no, they no longer fall victims to deceit and lies due to their empathy. Now, the true force of healing flaws through them and they know exactly how they should help others, and yet remain themselves no matter what the energy around is. They no longer fear anything since they have true power that transcends the regular woes.

These are the true world saviours, those that can heal just by their presence, and those that are channels for spirit. They then strive and fight and persevere more than any other sign for what they believe in, able to direct all those forces towards better conditions for all of humanity.

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