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horoscope marriageBefore you read any further, please remember that your Astrological Sun sign is probably the least important factor in determining your astrological attunement with a partner.

Horoscope compatibility is determined by the Moon sign, Venus, Mars, The ruler of the 7th house, any planets therein, and its sign, the ascendant may have some influence. Other karmic factors can be seen by Pluto, the north and south nodes. Sometimes the harmony or lack of it is found in the overall compatibility of the modalities or the elements.

The next thing to remember is that there is no guarantee and no insurance policy when it comes to love. Whenever two charts interact some aspects are harmonious, some are challenging. Two people can bring the best out of one another; they can also bring the worst. Sometimes they get along, sometimes they don’t. No one will ever be perfect for anyone. There is no such thing as perfect in relationships that involve real people.

Many people learn how to love and care only after their heart is broken, prior to that experience they do not understand the damage of their words, their deeds, and their attitude. After their heart gets broken, they may close down, distrust and make it very difficult for a new love to enter their lives.

Real Life observations:

Adjacent signs:

Being in a relationship with one of the signs that is adjacent is probably the more pervasive match I have seen. In theory they do not get along, but in real astrology (and life), those relationships endure beautifully. The reason is that in many cases the Venus sign is the one adjacent to the sun sign, and Venus leads to love and a benevolent connection.

Opposite Signs:

Opposites attract goes the saying, and astrological relationships prove this correct. I meet many who are in relationship with an opposing sign. Those tend to produce un-ending conflicts on the one hand, but on the other hand those matches can yield a couple that complement each other and increase each other’s worth.


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Personal notes:

I have seen couples who had few astrological compatible elements in their charts, and yet they were able to stay together through the ups and downs of life. I have met many couples who are formally attached, yet you never see them together. I have counseled couples who have had good compatibility of their charts, and yet fell out of love and separated. I have advised many who only know how to use power in their relationships, and do not understand why they never get any support from their partners. I have met couples who have endured much, bridged over huge differences and their love deepened over the years. I often meet those who love people who are attached to others.

Many turn to me in the midst of a “burning” love affair, the heat is so strong that this love doesn’t find its way into daily life and routine. Others turn to me when they are not sure, they long to burn, and yet they don’t. I see time and time again that Love is indeed the most powerful force in this world, and no one can control it. The minute control gets in, love changes into something else that brings out the worst in us.

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