Gemini in esoteric astrology

Gemini esotric astrology

    Ray Name
Constellation Gemini II Love-Wisdom
Orthodox Ruler Mercury IV Harmony through Conflict
Esoteric Ruler Venus V Concrete Science


Gemini the constellation is the recipient of the energy of the 2nd ray of love wisdom, as such people born under this sign love other people, love to learn, love to please others, love to talk and talk and be in an ever changing relationships with everybody around them and would continue to talk even if they don’t know what it is they are talking about. It is this energy that makes them very flexible, very loving of relating with others, and puts an emphasis on the mind, on information, on knowledge, and on presenting that knowledge to others.

With Mercury as their first ruler, they read everything fast, they are addicted to the news, to facebook, to gadgets that have information in them, but none of these activities bring them any real lasting peace. There are always more people to meet, more to learn and more to experience and share. Naturally curious they dedicate their lives to developing their mind, their thoughts

Many people who are born in Gemini with the 4th ray of harmony through conflict let loose in their lives find themselves in relationships with difficult people whom they try to please, but cannot. They will always prefer to have a conversation, to continue the discussion, even if it means fighting. The combination of the 2nd ray and 4th ray makes them very changeable; they may say one thing today and another tomorrow not finishing any project or getting to the point. They love to make other people comfortable so they say to them what they think they would love to hear, and therefore are accused of being unreliable. They like to feel connected, trendy and in the know, and therefore never study any subject fully and deeply, they lack research and they become shallow. To that we need to add their changeable mind that jumps from one topic to the next swiftly, and when concentration is needed, they are not able to bring in the depth and the meaning.

Many who are their friends, or are in a relationship with them complain that they do not have a real backbone, that they never know what the Gemini really thinks, really wants, and what will make them sit down for a while and have a deep conversation. At the same time their abilities in the written word, in spreading information, in the managing of day to day life with their knowing of what to buy where, how to fix when and where, their ability to negotiate and talk to anyone that makes them excellent at trade are great assets to have around.

GeminiThe special quality of Gemini which starts manifesting as their conciseness is elevated is their ability to relate the higher mind with the common mind.  Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini, bringing with it the 5th ray energy of concrete science. The Gemini under this inspiration is able to see truth when presented to him, to keep to that side no matter who is around them, and to elevate their mercurial capabilities, making them the messengers of higher truths that transcend time and space. The twins are thus related, duality mastered to show the beauty of both sides, and the fact that both sides represent one reality

With this Venus energy in their lives, they are able to attract loving relationships, able to transform knowledge into wisdom, able to finish projects, and eventually be there for their students.

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