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My name is Maayan Medzini, a certified professional astrologer (by ISAR). My interest in Astrology developed at my first Certified AstrologerSaturn return, and continued since and will probably continue. At first I was as doubting as anyone else, and w
hile studying and delving deep into astrology I have realized that Astrology Work. Simply putting it, people do follow what their charts suggest, people lives’ can be descri
bed by the ruler of the Ascendant, the turning points are there, and yet – there is always the choice.

I have come to realize that we are not puppets on strings moved by the stars, but we do have the ability to make wiser choices at any turning point, and extract the gifts that are hidden in our natal charts. Yes, we all have past lives and karma to deal with, yet, I see far more GOOD karma in so many charts, and I wish you would see that too.

Before and during the years of studying Astrology I have worked in the online marketing industry, I have a B.S. degree in communication from the New York Institute of Technology. I am a mother of four children, seeing up close and personal how each child’s moon sign brings out different aspects from me.

Maayan Astrology

In my practice I combine esoteric astrology, classical Ptolemaic astrology, and modern 20th century astrology, and I try to keep it all connected to your daily life, to your patterns, to the choices you are facing right now, and what is best for you in the long run.

You are welcome to consult me by mail with any question you may have: past lives, current relationship, career decisions, where to live, and so many more.




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