Pisces Horoscope 2019

Pisces horoscope

Overall Pisces Horoscope 2019 The mixture of the overall energies of 2019 are a both easy and hard to manage at the same time for many Pisceans. On the one hand the pace of life slows down a little bit, and there is a growing wish for a simpler life, both trends much cherished by … Read more

Aquarius Horoscope 2019

Aquarius horoscope

Overall Aquarius Horoscope 2019 The energies of 2019 may seem a bit dull for many Aquarians. Many of you have been living hectic lives filled with a lot of activity. Your minds have been running fast and non-stop for a few years now, and this year the pace will slow down a bit. Even though … Read more

Capricorn Horoscope 2019

Capricorn horoscope

Overall Capricorn Horoscope 2019 This is not an easy year for most Capricorns, with Saturn transiting your sign, and being your sign’s lord it feels as if the world is demanding too much of you, a bit more than you can handle. If you can only remember that what seems really hard right now, will … Read more

Sagittarius Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius horoscope

Overall Sagittarius horoscope 2019 2019 is the year in which Jupiter, your Sign’s lord and the planet representing expansion is traveling in your sign, and making all of you enthusiastic, optimistic, and welcoming opportunities for growth in all areas in life. Jupiter influence is the best of them all, but as with any other thing … Read more

Scorpio Horoscope 2019

Scorpio horoscope

Scorpio Overall Horoscope 2019: Last year was a filled with energy for many Scorpios, this year the energies slow down a bit, and many Scorpios will feel a bit empty. The overall energies of 2019 seem a bit boring to many Scorpios, and therefore each one will find his or her way to add some interest and … Read more

Libra Horoscope 2019

Libra horoscope

Libra Overall Horoscope 2019: The overall energy emphasis of 2019 is compatible with most Libras, and therefore, this could be a nice year for many. For many Libras this is not a year of personal changes, but rather one of going out and accumulating as many experiences as they possibly can. But, there will be Libras who … Read more

Virgo Horoscope 2019

Virgo horoscope

Virgo Overall Horoscope 2019: The overall energies of 2019 will be a bit of a puzzle for you. On one hand, the emphasis is on reducing the showoff, and replacing it with a bit of real presence. This is what you have been dreaming for. On the other hand, you will find yourselves confused regarding many of … Read more

Leo Horoscope 2019

Leo horoscope

Leo Overall Horoscope 2019: 2019 will not be an easy year for many of you. It is a year in which many people (from the other signs) will limit their interest in the outside world, and you will feel as if you are ready to go to a party and others are not joining you. This is … Read more

Cancer Horoscope 2019

Cancer horoscope

Cancer Overall Horoscope 2019: During 2019 the north node is in your sign, and many of you will feel as if you are being called to something new, yet you are not sure what that new is. The overall energies of the year are similar to yours, and therefore, it is expected to be a year in … Read more

Gemini Horoscope 2019

Gemini horoscope

Overall Gemini Horoscope 2019: The energies of 2019 will be a bit challenging for you. The overall pace of life is slowing down one notch, and while you say you look forward to it, when it actually happens you feel that you don’t know how to operate yourself and your world anymore. Your demand for new … Read more