New Moon in Virgo Sep 15, 2023

The new Moon in Virgo arrives with Mercury stationary direct. Mercury is Virgo’s lord, and its stationary days signify the times when we decide upon an action and act upon it.

This new moon has an added weight on it, since it is the one preceding the solar eclipse. Sometimes the eclipse starts its influence a month prior to its occurrence, so it is worthwhile to pay close attention to what is happening during the time of the new moon to be prepared for what is coming.

The Sun and the Moon are in opposition to Neptune highlighting the Virgo – Pisces axis. This axis has many meanings, and this month I shall discuss the strive for refinement. Virgo is a sign that likes to fix things rather than buy new ones. People born in this sign try to avoid waist, and therefore pay close attention to purchasing only what they need. This is not stinginess that comes from holding on to what one has (Scorpio and Taurus axis), rather it is being prudent on what you spend your resources on.

Virgo at its best refines the ego with the understating of proportions. Neptune and Pisces see reality in its vastness and the understanding of proportion is a hard task for them. It is up to Virgo to live and give the example of correct ratios. Virgo is the sign of the nurses and other health professionals who know that taking a medicine means paying attention to the dose. Too little will have no effect, too much can make things worse.

In the next few weeks, we may feel the effects of stepping out of our limits. Overeating, over drinking, too much exercising and even too much meditating will hurt. Each person has his or her right dose for food, drink, exercise and so on. These coming weeks may show us what is our own personal dose.

Virgo – Pisces Axis

A new moon in Virgo is a time when our focus is sharper, and we are able to concentrate on nuances that usually escape us. In the chart, Mars in a harmonious aspect to Venus directs our focus to relationships. Our aim is to make things better, or at least attempt to set things right between ourselves and a close companion. Here, with Mars in Libra the focus is on our manner of speaking. Do we use the right words? The right tone of voice? Do we speak too much or too little?

Many people on the spiritual quest signified by Neptune go through a phase of shedding their earthly possessions, when they feel that those become a burden. They also try to live on as little as possible believing that striving for goods will not bring them more happiness.

In a very small scale, we will all feel this urge in the next few weeks. This is signified by the Venus square Jupiter aspect. In a chart focusing on Virgo, this energetic tendency will cause many of us to buy less than the usual. Combined with the debt crisis, this will lead to even less spendings deepening the stagnation of the economy.

Venus square Jupiter

Venus squares Jupiter usually signifies exaggeration and going way out of proportion. Since this is the third time they meet in two months, this specific transit will put an end to the overspending and overreaching for many. It is an issue of overestimating andqor underestimation our resources, and people around us. We might have though highly of someone who turns out to be ordinary. We might have put down someone who proves to have some unique talents. In the long run this may free you from wrong expectations.

Overall, this new moon is about proportions both in the material and in relationships.

New Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

Aries – The new moon brings an opportunity to bridge some of the relationships that have suffered in the past two years. Mars in a harmonious aspect to Venus in Libra gives you the impetus to try a little more and find the right words to say, maybe even work on your tone of voice. It is a good time to try and make amends if necessary, or even try and start a new relationship from a new foundation.

Taurus – Many of you feel as if you have stepped out of your boundaries especially when it came to finance. Now is the time to reevaluate what your actual needs are, and not what you desire because you want to show off. Many of you will resent this forces limitation on your spendings initially, but within a week you will understand and appreciate the mental quiet that comes from not hunting or shopping for another item that will only be worn few times.

Gemini – Mercury going direct gives you the advantage of more focus, sharpness, and attention to detail. For many of you all finding the right proportions or right dosage of all the components that make your life will be an interesting pursuit. It is a good time to start some new health routine.

Cancer – A new moon in Virgo asks many of you to take a look at overeating, over doing, over emotionalism etc. many of you don’t like any limitations on any of the above, and the next coming weeks will feel a bit empty. You are so used to having too much that the right amount for you will initially feel too small until you get used to it.

Leo – The new moon opposite Neptune will cause you to reevaluate your dreams. Many of you aspire too high, or too broad to the point where your aspirations can not take hold within reality and consequently you feel depleted and disappointed. To avoid the feeling of disappointment, you are better off aiming for what is possible for you, and even one step further. Venus direct in your sign gives you that extra charm and magnetism to help you in your relationships.

Virgo – The new moon in your sign can give you the energy boost you were waiting for. Mercury is also turning direct in your sign and when other people struggle with proportions and focus you finally get the advantage. The new moon opposite Neptune may bring with it waves of compassion for loved ones interchanging with waves of frustrations for their inability to follow the recommended dose.

Libra – The new moon will cause you to start asking questions regarding how much you spend, on what and is it worth it. Many of you spent too much in the preceding months, and now is the time to budget and rethink this tendency. With Mars in your sign the emphasis will be on relationships, and you will be forced into debates you have tried to postpone, yet now is the time. Having that real conversation will help you clear some of the confusion and false hopes you or your partner may still carry.  

Scorpio – The new moon brings a focus on your relationships, with an attempt on your side to try and make amends. It is a time for being a bit more sincere and show your affection in action rather than in words. Many of you know what your limitations are, and what is the right amount for you, yet this may not be the right quantity for others, and therefore now is a good time to help them figure out how much is right for them.  

Sagittarius – Jupiter retrograde in a square aspect to Venus puts he emphasis on relationship. Many of you will rethink or even contact past relationships trying to set the record straight. Yet, your focus will be on a sense of limitation that you are not used to. For you the right proportion is usually larger than others, but now, you may realize that you are overestimating your assets and your capabilities taking too many commitments. Try and prioritize, and if you can, forward some of load to others. The challenge will be to do it without aggravating them.

Capricorn – This new moon with its emphasis on right proportions is something you can deal with well. You may be tempted in the coming weeks to say “I told you so” but that will probably not help much. It is a good time to focus on your own aims and let others eat what they have cooked.  

Aquarius – The new moon raises a few relationship issues you thought you have already dealt with. In the next two weeks you will realize that you may have overestimated or underestimated people who are close to you. The time for change will be in two weeks’ time during the full moon.

Pisces – The new moon opposite your sign may put a strain on your relationships. The Saturn transit in your sign demands that you take more responsibility, and this new moon will bring to you those issues you were trying to avoid. Many of you have put too much faith in the wrong persons and now is the time to stop waiting for them to deliver on their promises and see what you can do on your own.

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