Horoscope Houses

The Horoscope houses:

What are they? Well,  It is still one person who is living, but this life is composed of many experiences: me, my possessions, my ideas, my family, my hobbies, my work, my spouse, my underworld, my hopes, my aspirations, mass consciousness, and what lies beyond.
If you are new to astrology, please remind yourself  that there are no Better or Worse houses. These are just areas of interest, focus lenses to guide an experience in daily life. We each have our interests, the things we are good in, and the things we would like to be good in.
And we all have all the 12 houses in our chart, we all have a family, we were born somewhere, we all communicate, we all own something (doesn’t have to be big, your close are yours for example), like it or not we all know what those areas of human living are about. The houses that have a planet in them are indeed more influential in our lives. Your uniqueness comes to life when you are in a one on one encounter, you enjoy getting to know other people deeply if you have planets in the 7th hose. Planets in the 11th house will point that enjoy a large group meeting, and getting to understand concepts far more.
There is no better or worse house, there is no curse on any house, or a house that is more valuable. All are important, all can lead to fulfilling lives, and all can lead to disappontments. the choice is yours – Accept and enjoy the gifts, or not.horoscope houses

In Depth Horoscope Houses:

1st House – Who am I?

2nd House – What do I have?

3rd House – How do I communicate?

4th House – Where do I come from?
5th House – How do I play?

6th House – How do I work?

7th House – How do I relate?

8th House – What is hidden in me?

9th House – How do I break out of my boundaries?

10th House – What do I aspire to?

11th House – Who are my friends?

12th House – What is beyond me?