Where do I come from? The 4th house in Astrology

fourth house astrology

The 4th house in the horoscope represents your roots. It is the family environment that you grew up at, it is the family atmosphere that you create in your own family, and yet, it is so much more. Each child is bon with memories of past lives, past experiences, and people with a strong 4th house hear the memories of their race, its history (the real one, not the one in the history books), their nation’s past hopes and fears and its values.

The 4th house represents your heritage, the one that you take for granted. It is the emotional heritage. What you like and don’t like to eat, which god is the right god, the holidays that are always celebrated with family, the small rituals that accompany each and everybody’s lives.

The 4th house in the horoscope is the house of nurturing. It is where a child is brought up, learns good and bad, learns who to trust, who is: “us”, and who is: “them”.

The 4th house gives you the first emotional references for a beginning in life. We don’t realize that most of our relationships are based on an emotional common ground, and in the 4th house each one of us found his or her unique way of interacting with the world at large.

In esoteric astrology, cancer (4th hose ruler) is where the soul enters life as we know it for the first time. All the traditions, and the future hopes are in this feeling sign, and the way that we experience feeling as children is coloring our attitudes right now.

The 4th house is the first water house, where what you feel takes predominance over everything else. Unlike the other water house (8th and 12th), the feelings here are straight forward and honest.

Planets in the fourth house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 4th  house: Your family always comes first. You are connected to your children, parents and prefer to live with large families combinations. You have great nurturing abilities and some healing capabilities that you can develop. You should consider a career in any hospitality business (hotels, restaurants, customer services, etc.). Please remember that not everybody is as worm and friendly as you are.

You are very patriotic, you feel he moods of your “people” without being conscious of it. Tradition is very important to you.

Moon in the 4th house: It takes you a lot of time to mature, and in some respects you stay a child forever. It is hard for you to separate what your own feelings are, and what are the feelings of other people around you. You could be a great teacher for the young. You should also develop your cooking abilities. You are open and honest about your feelings. Your parents kept treating you as a small child longer than necessary.

You are connected to your racial feelings all the time, feeling that you are part of the whole, and find it hard to state your individuality. Understanding that some people’s karma is to be a connecting link would help you a lot.

Mercury in the 4th house: Your communication abilities are colored with emotion. Your unique way of expressing yourself is warm and you will only relate when you feel safe. You have a good understanding of all emotional issues, but may find it hard to follow technology, math and the other rational skills. It is easier for you to concentrate on novels, movies, and historical dramas. Your parents are very talkative.

Your thought processes are connected to your race’s thoughts. This is way you are distracted so easily. You can easily tune in to the real thoughts of other people, and that may lead to great understanding, it can also shut you down when you realize that people are not honest with you.4th house astrology

Venus in the 4th house: You are very worm and parental in nature. You love to be at home, making it pretty and you enjoy beautiful objects. Take note not to get swamped with stuff, or collect too much. It is hard for you to let go of people and things, and it is very easy for you to “add” friends and acquaintances to your home and family. your parents taught you the value of beauty and sharing.

You love your country, and don’t like to live in any other place.

Mars in the 4th house: You have high energy levels, and you need to find constructive ways of exercising your talents. In past lives you learned how to fight, and in this life you can stand up for yourself, and those you love.  You express your feelings best through activity, please try not to fight so much when it’s not necessary. Your parents have tought you to stand up to yourself and be independent.

You believe in your nation’s power and enjoy festivals and large holidays.

Jupiter in the 4th house: you are a born philosopher, having a natural positive outlook on life. You do have luck in life, as long as you remember to share and remain positive. You are able to express your feelings easily, sometimes it could overwhelm other people who are not as open as you are. Take care not to exaggerate in anything in your life (mostly in food). Your parents have given you a positive outlook to life.

You love your country; you love your heritage and enjoy learning more about your history.

Saturn in the 4th house: You find it hard to express your true feelings. You grew up very fast and became an adult at a young age, shouldering responsibilities. You learn throughout your life how to express your feelings in a constructive way, you also learn how to build a very strong home for yourself and loved ones.

You have mixed feelings about your heritage. Enjoying tradition on the one hand and finding it suffocating o the other.

Uranus in the 4th house: You moved a lot when you were young, and your roots are everywhere. When it comes to expressing your feelings, you like to intellectualize them. You don’t like fuzzy conversations, and to be overwhelmed with feelings. Your friends become your family.

You are a real citizen of the world, not being attached to any one nation or heritage.

Neptune in the 4th house: You are connected to mass conciseness, feeling the feelings of your nation, of the mass and taking them as your own. Your feelings are so developed that it is hard for you to express your richness. You have an artistic talent. Your parents did not differentiate when they ended and you began, and its hard for you to find your own point of separation in life.

You are connected to the large human heritage, believe in peace and harmony, and are amazed that not everybody else is like you.

Pluto in the 4th house: You are beginning a new growth cycle. You have deep emotional strength and understanding. There are deep karmic relationships with your family. Your family life will not be ordinary. You can give great emotional support and healing to others.

You are probably being born into new nationality, race and even gender in this life, bringing your old roots with you, updating them and contributing in your own way to your new extended family.


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