Leo in esoteric astrology

Leo esoteric astrology

    Ray Name
Constellation Leo I Will or Power
Constellation Leo V Concrete Science
Orthodox Ruler Sun II Love-Wisdom
Esoteric Ruler Sun II Love-Wisdom


People born in Leo come under the influence of the 1st ray of will or power and its subsidiary 5th ray of concrete science that are pouring into the Constellation. With the Sun pouring the 2nd ray of Love-Wisdom we get the Leos who love to dominate, want to rule and lead. We also get that great creativity that is the Leo’s trademark, which in many cases can be seen by the constant dramas they create in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. Leos do no not like boundaries, they do not want anyone telling them what to do, and for many of them the motivating force is the wish to be recognized. They will do anything to get recognition, and if it is not a positive one, it will be a negative one, as long as no one ignores them.

The Leos are very generous, very warm and loving, and yet, they are self centered, egoistic, and prone to glamor and extravagance more than any other sign. They have a natural presence, and they shine effortlessly, yet they hold on to attention and the feeling of dominating the crowd even if it is time to move on. They love the good life and they can forget everything when it is time to party, and may find themselves indulging in too much drink, too many affairs, or working too much, or just ignoring the demands of daily life while they are concentrated in their own little drama or pursuit.

Leo is the sign that represents fatherhood, and they do get along with children. A lot of it comes from their natural playfulness, from their own feeling of being like children who want to play and experience and forget about anything else that needs to be done in life.

LeoWhen the Leo raises his conciseness, he still remains under the Sun and the 2nd ray of love wisdom, but now he works hard, toils, controls his speech and makes a huge effort to receive due admiration and respect because he deserves those. The path towards this goal is the understanding that in order to lead others, one must lead oneself first, in order to rule others, one must rule oneself, in order to inspire others, one must show an example in oneself.

The love of life only increases, the warmth becomes more real, and others are just happy to be around them. They are not fooled by glamor, titles, and outer showiness. They know how to recognize the real and separate it from the false. They can then become a great force for good in their environment. They no longer ignore the world as it is, but are able to see clearly the next step to create and to lead in projects that are for the benefit of all.

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