Cancer in esoteric astrology

Cancer esoteric astrology

    Ray Name
Constellation Cancer III Active Intelligence
Constellation Cancer VII Ceremonial Order
Orthodox Ruler Moon IV Harmony through Conflict
Esoteric Ruler Neptune VI Idealism. Devotion


Cancer is the gateway into life. This sign represents the actual birth; it also represents the old age. This sign holds the energy of those who need extra care, those who need to be nurtured and love, and those that the world does not expect too much of them, accept maybe a smile. The Cancer constellation receives the energy of the 3rd ray of Active Intelligence and the 7th ray of ceremonial order. This is the energy of life on earth, the energy of matter itself, the energy that gains momentum and knowledge through experience and in Cancer that experience gets started.

The Cancer person starts with the moon as their ruler, transmitting the energy of the 4th ray of harmony through conflict. This energy is emphasized in Cancers in their very active emotional nature, represented by the moon. This accounts for their known mood swings, for their many phobias and fears some based on reality some not. A childlike view of the world prone to taking sides: you are either from my family, hometown, tribe or country and therefore on my side, or you are a foreigner and therefore I should be careful from you. Many Cancers yearn for a home, they either did not experience a stable home as young children, or they were not nurtured with the full understanding and emotional support they needed. Therefore, for them, under the moon’s influence having a home and a family becomes of paramount importance, and so many of them find it very hard to grow up and be the mother or the father of that home. Something their nature stays young and responsibility is one of the hardest things for them to cope with.

They insist on viewing other people’s emotions as their own, and are very surprised to find out that other people feel different emotions from their own; they are also surprised that other people want other things in life, different to their own wishes. They are changeable as the moon changes, and yearn for outer stability, when it is the inner emotional stability that they truly want. Prone to nostalgia, very patriotic and attached to their home traditions, those become the shell that shields them from the world and keeps them locked within their confines.

At the same time they are very giving, open heart and ready to be there for others, especially those in need. Cancer is a cardinal sign, so they keep on trying and attempting to build a home, a career, a place for themselves where they can be secure and invite others to share in that security. It is just that coping with the world and all its demands seems a bit too much sometimes, and their instinctive taking of others feelings as their own can be very hard on the emotional body.

CancerAs their conciseness elevates, as they develop maturity and responsibility, as their emotional nature gets purified from selfish motives, they receive the influence of Neptune as the esoteric ruler.

With Neptune around it is unconditional love to everybody, the ability to heal emotional wounds of all kinds, and be a home, or represent the energy of home to others. The home that accepts you just as you are, the home that nurtures you both physically and emotionally, where you are taken care of when needed, and where you live your life with the people you love. They no longer need to hide behind the armors of overweight or hide at home, they are free to spread their beauty, warmth and giving nature to all who need it. It is this energy of real devotion that helps them create the home they have been dreaming.


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