Aries in Esoteric Astrology

Aries esoteric astrology

Ray Name
Constellation Aries I Will or Power
Constellation Aries VII Ceremonial Order
Orthodox Ruler Mars VI Idealism. Devotion
Esoteric Ruler Mercury IV Harmony through Conflict


Aries is the first sign in our zodiac, and is the symbol for new beginnings.  Aries the constellation is conditioned by the 1st ray of Will and Power and the 7th ray of Ceremonial order. Those energies give the Aries their tendency to individualistic way of life, to go at things on their own and as they see fit, to not be afraid, to start something new all the time. The first ray brings some volatile energy with it, and the 7th connects it to manifestation very fast. This combination brings the known abilities of the Aries to start new projects, ideas, relationships, etc. All the time.

People born under this sign start their lives under Mars as their ruler, in the lower consciences and Mars as the representative of the 6th ray energy of Idealism and devotion. As long as Mars rules them, they are prone to battles. They jump into action before they even think about what type of action is the right one, they react so fast, many times too fast, and with a lot of force, many times not proportional to the situation.  At the same time they embody the energy of daring, of independence, not afraid to throw themselves into new experiences. They are very idealistic, but in many cases it is like an adolescent who worships a new ideal and wishes to fight and destroy all that hinders their ideas, while not giving any real plan or alternative to what they wish to be rid of. It is the need to idolize either a religion, a football team, a rock band, something to give devotion to.

Many born under Aries coming to consultations find relationships very hard. They are very idealists on the one hand, willing to sacrifice everything for the new relationship, yet they are also prone to taking sides. The Aries always feels that you are either on my side or you are against me, there are no middles in the Aries conciseness. The Aries wants to feel the excitement, but as you know, every relationship goes through fazes, and keeping the excitement on high levels can and does damage daily lives with their chores, jobs and other people. The Aries tendency to react fast with the 1st ray and the 6th ray combination can be very destructive and usually damages their relationships with their spouses, children and friends.

AriesMercury, the esoteric ruler is of the 4th ray energy, the energy of harmony through conflict. When the Aries person elevates his consciences, he adds Mercury as his ruler. There he can start learning. The original intention is always the search for harmony. Along the way they learn how to think a few steps further, how to discriminate useful information and not fall prey to fanatic demagogues or gurus, how to use their 1st ray and 7th ray energy wisely to launch those projects that are suitable to the time and place, and they do it in harmony and in cooperation with other people. The final benefit is of course long lasting loving harmonious relationship with themselves and those they love.

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