Scorpio in esoteric astrology

Scorpio esoteric astrology

    Ray Name
Constellation Scorpio IV Harmony through Conflict
Orthodox Ruler Mars VI Idealism. Devotion
Esoteric Ruler Mars VI Idealism. Devotion


Scorpio the constellation is the transmitter of 4th ray energy of Harmony through conflict; this makes relationships a very important issue for those born under Scorpio. The ruler, Mars, is a planet of the 6th ray of idealism and devotion, and in the case of Scorpio, he remains the ruler, even after the conciseness is elevated. The 4th ray is the ray of humanity, the one that forces us all into relationships, with the wish for harmony and the dealing with conflict on the way towards that harmony. In Scorpio that fight is most noticeable.

The two most potent factors that most people of all signs find very hard to cope with, those that create the most pain and suffering, and at the same time have the capacity to bring the greatest joys and content are sex and money. Both are represented by Scorpio. The Scorpios therefore have a natural tendency towards those areas in life where the emotional nature and the sub-conciseness rule. They are free to use these powers for more control, more fulfillment of desire that usually only serve to increase the hunger and the desire for more, or they can use all these powers to learn about life mysteries, and free themselves from all the habits that keep people searching for more and more.

When they are following their lower desire they seem to go from one battle into the next in all their dealing with the world, and especially in financial matters, and matters of love and relationship. They have the best memory since each event is imprinted into their feeling emotional nature, and as long as that is directed towards the wish to be in control of other people and resources, it will and does cause them to hurt and use others for their own selfish wishes.

The 6th ray is the ray of passion, coupled with the 4th ray it is passion and desire on the extreme. Scorpios either love deeply or hate deeply, there is middle ground. They are either very bad or very good, and they love walking on the edge, just to test their powers. Initially, they are prone to fighting their way in relationships, and in their dealings with everyday reality; their emotional nature is very strong and attuned to the desires and wishes both of themselves and of those around them. The Scorpios try to control their environment in their search for something secure to hold on to, yet that control costs dearly, and the results are hard both for them, and for those around them.

ScorpioWhen they retreat into themselves, they realize that they have the key for the greatest power in the universe, the power to control oneself. Many of them go through harsh experiences in life, forcing them to look deep into questions about faith, about destiny, and about their part in causing the events in their lives and in the lives of others. They are subjected to tests that force them to look into the emotional workings of the human life; they just cannot ignore that like other signs might. The biggest issue for them is the issue of motive.

Since their powers are so strong, they have to learn to purify their motives. As long as their motives are selfish, and all they seek is the fulfillment of their desires (sex and money) they will not find the harmony they are looking for, as they slowly purify themselves, pay their karma off, and hold on to spiritual motives, they can become the greatest agents for positive change in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. Their energy stays strong, and they keep on fighting, but they do experience the harmony of intimate open and loving relationships.


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  1. I was really hoping to find something to this Astrology stuff. I’m very disappointed to find neither me or my 2 sister are anything like our signs say here.


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