Taurus in esoteric astrology

Taurus esoteric astrology

    Ray Name
Constellation Taurus IV Harmony through Conflict
Orthodox Ruler Venus V Concrete Science
Esoteric Ruler Vulcan I Will or Power


The constellation Taurus is conditioned by the 4th ray of harmony through conflict, and only by it. On a lower conciseness, the people in Taurus are continuously searching for harmony (with other people, and a beautiful harmonious environment), yet find only conflicts. Venus as a 5th ray planet, representing the concrete science energy can manifest its cold calculating quality, in its separating tendency, the over analysis, over separation of what is mine vs. What is Yours, classification of what is right for me and what is not, and a general attitude of not caring for anyone who is not near and dear.

Many born in Taurus Sun or Taurus ascendant find themselves continuously swept by desire. The desire can be gaining more money, having more sex, acquiring beautiful objects, or controlling other people. The race for more comfort, more pleasure of all kinds is their mark.  They are accused of being stubborn, greedy, misers, and narrow minded in the sense that they do not care about anything that is not related directly to themselves or what they own.

At the same time, they do have that sexy appeal, they do have many talents in many artistic fields, a very good sense of style, they know how to gauge the real value of objects, how to invest wisely and they manage and care very well, what they have. They do not pry into other people’s business and can keep a secret.  They have the “green thumb” that helps them be great gardeners, and their homes are beautiful, they are also great cooks.

As long as they combine the 4th ray of Taurus and the 5th ray of Venus they find themselves not able to satisfy their desires. Venus wants more and more, the 4th ray shows them how beautiful the world can be, and they are depressed that this is not so in their lives. All this while they keep getting the conflict side instead of the harmony they long for. Conflict with themselves and with those they love. Their possessive side turns their relationships into battlegrounds, and they turn inwards to look for a better way to get what they want. This combination also promotes the slowness of their movement into anything, their habitual postponing of anything that can be postponed to another day, and their inability to put in all the extra work needed to transform their natural talent into a real artistry.

When the Taurus conciseness elevates, Vulcan becomes their ruler. Vulcan as a 1st ray planet representing the will or power energy is at their hand to help them remove all that hinders illumination, removes the obstructions to the free flow of spirit. With Vulcan there in no more laziness, the talent gets nourishment and the right tutoring and practice, making the Taurus a real artist in his chosen field.

TaurusTaurus as ruled by Vulcan is the sign of illumination. Under Vulcan they get in touch with the first ray of spirit and show all the rest of humanity the real duality which is spirit and matter. Anything they touch increases in value, anything they produce lasts for very long, and instead of taking from others, they are the ones who create and share their gifts. They become the real custodians of planet earth dedicating their lives to make it more beautiful, to use its energy correctly and for the benefit of all, and they become wonderful husbands and wives who are there with the right word, and with their warmth pouring out of them.

*Vulcan is not a proven planet; it is a hypothetical planet that is found between Mercury and the Sun, probably within 8 degrees from the Sun in the direction of Mercury.

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