Who am I? The First House in the Horoscope

The 1st house in a horoscope, is an Active, Cardinal house. It is the house that can indicate your vitality, your outer appearance (tall, short, skinny, large boned), it can also point out your expectations of yourself and of life. How you interact with yourself and with others, it’s the house of your personality and a bit more.

The 1st house will tell you what is NEW in this reincarnation, what you have not done before, and would like to assimilate during this life. These are traits that you would like to re-visit throughout your life again and again, each time with a different view in mind and each time daring more, being more, well, yourself.

There is a misconception in new age materials that says that you have to get rid of your personality or transcend it. This is a point I would like to stress, you are who you are because you have a role to play, your personality is as cherished as your body is during your lifetime, and the sooner you make peace with yourself (that includes how you look, how you talk, what you care about) your contribution to the world at large will automatically flow out from you.

Your 1st house can liberate you to new self discovery and self expression.  It can help guide you towards your individuality.

Any planet in the 1st house can tell us that the soul is embarking on something new, that a planet has either completed a cycle, or needed a new view of this specific energy use.

Planets in the first house will be visible to everyone who meets you, they will color your appearance and will energize your attitude towards life:First house astrology

Sun in the 1st house – you will want to lead, you will want to find what is unique about you more than anything else. You might hurt people because you will always put yourself and your desires first, please remember that life in not a running match where only one person wins and gets all the glory, but rather a game where everybody contributes to the benefit of all. You will re-invent yourself during life a few times (change careers, families, countries, interests). You will feel less than, until you understand that you don’t need to be perfect, or better than, but you do have to be you as you are with all your uniqueness.

Your good looks will serve you well in this lifetime.

In reincarnation astrology it could represent a soul that spent a lot of lives in the service of others, and now is learning to include himself in the list of most important things in life. It always shows on a new path.


Moon in the 1st House – your feelings will always show, you will not be able to hide them. The question is are you willing to wear them proudly and make the most of this sensitivity, or are you going to hide at home and nurture other people (usually your children) and be afraid of the world at large. The advantages of this moon are that you will keep a young appearance going into old age.

In reincarnation astrology a moon in the 1st house can represent someone who kept his feelings to himself for too long and now must deal with the fact of feelings and emotions in life, accept them and find constructive ways to deal with them.

Mercury in the 1st house – You will always talk first (and last), you will always have something to say about everything and to everybody. Your voice will be distinct, and you have a quick mind. You will have to develop your communication skills throughout life be it via writing, broadcasting or any other related skill. It will be hard for you to concentrate on one thing, or to delve into something deeply, but you will enjoy your overall curiosity. You will need to learn some objectivity in this life.

In reincarnation astrology Mercury in the 1st can represent a soul who couldn’t or wouldn’t communicate freely, and would like to experience it.

Venus in the 1st house is the least predictable planet in the 1st. a lot depends on the sign that occupies the house, in any case loyalty will be an issue, who comes first me or my spouse, and a good ability to take care of themselves. You are good looking, mingling easily, enjoying social events.  You can be very generous, or very stingy, sometimes within the same day.

In reincarnation astrology, the soul is updating its social connections

Mars in the 1st house ,  is at its best. You are looking at daring more, trying out new things. It may appear as a competitive streak, or living on the edge, it could also become a leader. They have a presence and will never be ignored, you emanate sexual energy no matter if you aware of it or not.


In reincarnation astrology, the soul is looking to sharpen its combat skills, to enhance the Self, and to make sure that you will be yourself.

First house astrology

Jupiter in the 1st house   makes you large, you are either tall or large boned, and you stand out in a crowd. You tell your own truth which is charming but can also get you into trouble. You could get self absorbed and over analyze yourself. Jupiter in the 1st house does not make you rich, but many people will think you are, people will also view you as arrogant, which again can or cannot be true. Overall you do have natural self confidence.

In reincarnation astrology, the soul is looking to live freely its beliefs. a life that will have  faith in them.

Saturn in the 1st house makes you independent, but it takes the long road to get there.  The 1st house is young, open and visible, Saturn is mature and heavy. You will be outwardly quiet, you will appear older than you really are. You will keep to yourself, building yourself slowly from a young age, learning to rely on yourself, you will adopt a mask and be considered serious by other people while at the same time you could fall into self doubt and  tend to pass strong judgments.

In reincarnation astrology, the soul wishes to experience a life of Maturity, of taking responsibility.

Uranus in the 1st house makes you eccentric, you enjoy it or hate it, but you will be considered different wherever you go. You enjoy experiencing yourself in different fashions, therefore you will change careers, hobbies, family relationships in your life and also where you live. People might get hurt when you disappear all of a sudden, but you can find a way to explain your need for something new in your life.

In reincarnation astrology, the soul wishes to experience its own innovative powers.

Neptune in the 1st house: Foggy.  People around you don’t understand you, you can stand out and be charming one day, completely invisible the next, and a nervous rack the next day. Chameleon like it is hard for you to know when you end and the world begins. It is also very hard for you to know what you truly want, and how to communicate that wish. You do change your mind often. You could also tap into healing powers quite easily and heal by your presence alone.

In reincarnation astrology, the soul wishes to experience the connecting feeling between people and nature, wished for sensitivity.

Pluto in the 1st house: Intense.  Its more emotional intensity, sexual energy and power that emanate from you. Beware of power struggles. You will make at least one clean break from your past in your life, and it will take you a long time to accept and live who you are. You will pick up on other people’s weaknesses and strengthens. It is up to you what to do with this ability.

In reincarnation astrology, the soul wishes to experience a new phase of development (could be new race, new gender).

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