We are One – The 12th house in Astrology

twelfth house astrologyThe twelfth house in the horoscope represents all the energies that are beyond human control, beyond our normal understanding. With a twelfth house there is not much you can do, but rather learn to BE, and accept. It is not an easy house in this society that values tangibility so much, and attempts to shut out the dreamers, the people who know that they cannot control themselves or their life. It is known in traditional astrology as the house of hidden enemies, of incarceration, and loneliness. It doesn’t have to be so, but someone with a strong 12th house never really feels like they belong here to this saturnine society.

Why is this house so feared? 12th house people have a wish for some security from the busy everyday world that seem so alien to them. In this house the eradication of the ego is not just words, it is an actual happening that is experienced with its accompanying fears, need for time alone, open boundaries that cause the person to look for shelters.  

The boundaries between real and not real are not so easily defined in this house, a huge longing for simplicity, for the easiness of being without the need to prove yourself resides here, and a connection to all energies and forces be they good or bad.

The twelfth house always suggests life beyond the norm. It could be the outsider living in a small apartment in a crowded city, the homeless, the one who chooses to live in a tent, and on the other scale, someone who is very rich, very famous, and therefore needs to live secluded and protected.

The 12th house is the house of secrets only because it is hard to explain to the rational mind, what it is meant by feelings, by intuitions, there is no proof in the 12th house, chaos rules, and we feel out of control of our minds, our behavior, our obsessions, our addictions. The only way to cure any of the above is by faith.

In reincarnation terms, this is the house is always connected to the mass karma of humanity. The longing for the Oneness. This is the house of surrender, and allowing the energies to clear the Ego from residue, in order for spirit to shine in. I personally believe that in future as was in past societies, this house will get back to its position of prominence, instead of the fear and misunderstandings it receives now.

Planets in the 12th house in the horoscope will bring you situations where you feel out of control, where you know that there is something more, but cannot explain it. You will attempt to hide, evade, and feel different. You will either need help with expressing these planets constructively, or shut them out as much as you can. Therapy will not work here. Meditations, healthy living and faith are the only way to go.

If you have a 12th house planet/s, please remember that there is a limit to what other people can take:  they see you keep repeating the same mistakes, and feel sorry for yourself again and again. At some point they are fed up and walk away.  

Planets in the twelfth house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 12th  house: You will always feel like an outsider. Maintaining mundane life can be such a task for you, no matter if you are highly famous and successful, or can’t make the ends meet; those daily routines seem out of your reach. You know the word sacrifice better than most, you know karma, you know there are forces at work in this world that cannot be explained. You feel neglected by your parents, by society, and deprived from what everybody else has. Again, this can come from either extreme of life: great success, as well as succumbing to addictions. Your peace of mind will come from keeping a simple life. You cannot control your addictions, you can however, provide yourself a routine that has sun shine and vegetarian diet.

The soul is in a process of submerging in the vast all that is.


Moon in the 12th house: You hide your real feelings so well, that you yourself don’t know them. You are very private, and your sensitivity is well under wraps, elusive and comes out very rarely. You became self sufficient at a young age, and need to learn to ask for help.

The soul is experimenting in hiding its emotional reactions.

12th house astrology
Mercury in the 12th house: You prefer to keep quiet, and keep your thoughts to yourself, when urged to talk, you have a unique way of building the sentences. People rarely get what you really mean.  

The soul wants to experience listening and absorbing of a different kind.

Venus in the 12th house: Your love life is a secret, even to you. In many cases there is a love that cannot be had from various reasons. You are very loving but find loving the world at large easier than one person. You have open boundaries that attracts the predators, the needy and the desolates. You can learn who to trust. You dream of the perfect love, meanwhile, you feel alone.  

The soul practices unconditional love.


Mars in the 12th house: You might find it difficult to assert yourself, stand up for your rights, but you do fight your fights, only behind the scenes in a hidden manner. You know the meaning of sacrifice, and can benefit from spiritual practices that will take this natural ability and direct it to good ends.

The soul is learning being rather than doing.

Jupiter in the 12th house: You have great faith, and bring a lot of good where you go, sometimes not realizing it. you can teach the true meaning of getting in touch with the All That Is, leaping out of the humane control into deep cooperation with the universe.

The soul enjoys expands its understanding of what is beyond it.

Saturn in the 12th house: You may run away from experiencing life as they are, spending time in solitude, and keeping others away, hiding your emotions. You carry guilt, sorrow, and afraid of overwhelming emotions. In your specific case, learning to trust first the universe and then other people is the way to go. Showing emotion will not ruin your life.

The soul is looking to get out of the prison of guilt, self doubt and solitude that turned to loneliness.

12th house horoscope

Uranus in the 12th house: This is one placement with so many variations that its entirely up to you haw you will utilize this energy. You might want to flaunt your uniqueness, you may want to hide it. your thoughts are on a different level than most other people, and you should learn when and how to share them.

The soul seeks to bring insights from the beyond into life.

Neptune in the 12th house: You are very sensitive, far more than you usually admit to yourself. You find life hard to cope with, and like your routine that makes you feel safe. Some say that this placement is for those who chose to carry the karma of humanity, and therefore, many of your misfortunes can be understood in that light. Watch out from addictions, or plain escapism. Spiritual practices frighten you, but they are the way to go and move beyond the self imposed isolation, and show compassion.

The soul is in initiation.


Pluto in the 12th house: You will experience transformations through the need to let go of control, and at the same time the holding on as tight as possible to whatever it is that makes you feel you. while you hold on to your lover, child, job, addiction, self pity or whatever, you are never satisfied, there is always the feeling that this isn’t it. You wil probably get what you want in life, but it will not satisfy the hunger. What you truly want is the connection to the All That Is. you can get it, if you allow your ego to be transmuted.

The soul is submerging in Oneness.