I Wish, I Dream – The 11th house in Astrology

11 housea strologyThe eleventh house in the horoscope represents your chosen associations. The easiest way to see this is remembering your school days: you were sent to a school without your choice, you were put  bin a class and a teacher was appointed to you, also without any choosing on your part, BUT, after a few months you had a few friends, the kids that you played with more, your palls. They were by your choice: from all the kids in your class, you got along better with a few, and they became your friends. This is the essence of the 11th house.

The 11th house deals with your large framework of social contacts. The 3rd house tells the story of the neighborhood in which you live, the 11th house tells where you chose to spend your free time: the extracurricular activities that you have.

The 11th house is where you find your own dreams: some dream of going to the Super Ball once in their life, for others it is visiting the Great Wall of China, and yet someone else dreams of winning the local “green thumb”, these are the dreams that are NOT related to what you do for a living, your status, your family, etc. These are the dreams that are just You, what makes You, the individual, and that brings us to another territory of the 11th house, the presence of your own individuality.

In horoscopes with a strong 11th house, we see many times people that choose to spend time with political activities looking for the betterment of all, or in volunteer work of many kinds. They have many friends and like to experiment with new technology.

In reincarnation terms, this is the house that is mostly concerned with learning how to serve correctly. What is service? Showing people that you care, that things can be better, and giving them what they really need, rather than answering their whimsy wishes. 

Planets in the 11th house will bring you situations that will teach you how to take part in the group of your choice, how the power of many individuals will always win over separateness. Beware of the tendency to retreat, scorn and feel superior.

Planets in the eleventh house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 11th  house: This is one of the most open ended placements. Your individuality will shine, and therefore, there are countless ways for you to express yourself when the sun is in the 11th. Your friends will be important, and so will a desire to have a work that is meaningful, that contributes to the whole and has some ideals in it. Watch your tendency to separate yourself from your environment, make sure not to do it arrogantly.   

The soul is in a process of learning how to take part in something that is bigger than itself.


Moon in the 11th house: You feel different than other people around you, open emotionalism make you uncomfortable and you much rather be in situations where people behave in a predictable manner. You will feel independent, and can develop a clear look at yourself and life, this clarity can be hard to people around you. They find it hard to cope with your objective view.

The soul is viewing objectively (as possible) its emotional reactions in social relations.

Mercury in the 11th house: You can learn fast and easily, understand wide concepts, and still see their details. You like the new age lifestyle with cloths and speech as well. You will have to learn at some point to put effort to get results. When you do, you can accomplish much.

The soul wants to experience its communication skills connected to higher mind.

Venus in the 11th house: You like being around your friends, you like to belong to humanitarian groups, or groups that serve an ideal, you are fun to talk to. Your spouse must be your friend before a lover.

The soul wants to enjoy while serving.

eleventh house astrology


Mars in the 11th house: You act fast with your mind, good technical skills. You like to act on your own, and find unique solutions, and unordinary activities. You rebel against institutions, like to be with your friends.

The soul is harness activity to higher mind.

Jupiter in the 11th house: You are full of lofty ideals, and should do as much as you can to act them out. Think big, dare big. You are the new age, and can enjoy that atmosphere. You have good friends you can rely on.

The soul enjoys the serving with joyful atmosphere.

Saturn in the 11th house: You like to stay to yourself in social situations, you trust very few people, but they have probably proved themselves by now. You believe in stability, so it’s hard for you to change places, but life forces that on you. In time you learn how to interact with others on casual occasions and learn to enjoy those.

The soul is looking to open up a path of joining forces with others for the greater good.

Uranus in the 11th house: You are a rebel. You like to be the first to try out new things, you have unusual friends, and you enjoy taking part in political and social works. Your mind is quick, sometimes to the point that you lose patience with other people, who don’t understand as fast as you do.

The soul seeks to bring new insights into its ability to connect higher ideals into everyday service life.

Neptune in the 11th house: You want to feel connected to humanity, and will spend time persuing activities to that end. Your friends will require a lot of compassion, and will be needy, some disappearing only to re-appear years later. You are highly connected to the feelings of your group (be it in work, social group, meditation group), and should learn to distinguish what is your and what’s not.  

The soul would like to experience high ideals expressed emotionally.


Pluto in the 11th house: You will experience transformations through relationships with your friends.  You expect total loyalty, and find out that not everybody believes in the same ideals as you do. You will achieve peace of mind when you realize that you can keep your high standards without asking for anything in return.

The soul is in process of learning about power through relationships with friends, or groups.