Aquarius Horoscope 2019

Overall Aquarius Horoscope 2019

The energies of 2019 may seem a bit dull for many Aquarians. Many of you have been living hectic lives filled with a lot of activity. Your minds have been running fast and non-stop for a few years now, and this year the pace will slow down a bit. Even though many of you have been secretly wishing for this type of energy to stop the running for a while, it is still a bit challenging to cope with when it does happen.

The overall energies of the year will seem neutral to you. People will do and say the things you have done and said 10 years ago, and you will search for something new, not sure what you are looking for. Aquarius’s traditional lord, Saturn is the middle of Capricorn. It will only reach Aquarius in late 2020, but the feeling of the approaching need to measure up to life demands is slowly setting in. The modern lord, Uranus is in Taurus, causing your minds to slow down just a bit.   

Overall with both lords in earth signs, you will be more occupied with your routine daily lives and their demands, strengthening those and finding out that you do enjoy simple things.

Aquarius horoscope

Career Horoscope Aquarius 2019

The overall energies of the year are good for your careers. For some reason it is a bit easier for you to concentrate and you don’t mind that much the boring aspects of the job, and therefore find yourselves in better positions without even intending it.

Many of you are used to change your career paths every few years, but it seems that 2019 is not one of those years. It is a year in which you prefer to stay and keep with what you know, rather than face a new challenge.

It can be a year in which you feel a bit of leisure, even while you are working in your jobs, either the workload lessens a bit, or you are getting better and more efficient in what you do.  You will find yourself devoting more time to non-work related activities, and enjoying that a lot.


Relationships Horoscope Aquarius 2019

The energies of keeping things as they are in 2019 are most notable in your relationships. You are most likely to add few people into your lives, and let go of some, but the majority of your relationships will stay the same.

You will find it comforting and relaxing to be with the people you already know rather than make the effort to add new people into your lives. Those of you who have intimate relations, will find that the intimacy gets easier. Those who are seeking this type of relationship, may find it easier to seek an old loved one and re-kindle the relationship.

Aquarians born between Jan. 22 – Jan. 28 will see relationship changes in their lives. Those disruptions will come as an initial surprise, but with time may seem as the right thing at the right time. Some may even move to different places because of a change in relationships.

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Aquarius Astrology Direction for 2019

The overall direction for most Aquarians is one of a bit of a slowdown. Many Aquarians will learn to appreciate that after they get used to it. The emphasis is on the earth side of life, with time devoted to making life simpler and healthier.  

Those born in the early degrees of the sign will face a year of changes, in many cases, not by their own choice. Yet, many Aquarians are used to changing their lifestyle every few years, and this change will seem less daunting as the year progresses.  

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