North node in Aries South node in Libra 2023-24

The dragon’s head and tail are mathematical points representing the nodes of the moon. The points in space where the moon’s orbit intersects with the ecliptic. The cyclical movement of the nodes takes 18.6 years across the zodiac, in the opposite direction to the sun’s orbit (Aries to Pisces instead of Pisces to Aries).

The essence of a dragon's head and tail

Throughout history the nodes received different interpretations from different astrologers. In Vedic astrology, these points are known as Rahu and Ketu. They represent the personal karma generated in previous incarnations and suggest a course for future lives. In Western astrology, the north node is considered a benefic, while the south node is considered harmful. To this day, there is no blanket agreement among astrologers on the description of the essence of the nodes, how they work, and how you can “work” with them personally. Just as there is no agreement on what the mind is, what the soul is and what karma is, so there is no agreement or true understanding of the meaning of the lunar nodes. With the changes in human consciousness, so does the interpretation of the nodal axis. Yet, there is a consensus that they represent the connection to another dimension over which we have no control, and that they are related to the journey of the soul.

The sign in which the north node transits for a year and half represents the qualities which will become more desirable for that time. While transiting south node qualities that suddenly seem more negative or ones that we should avoid. The traits of the south node sign are suddenly considered less relevant, or something we prefer to stay away from. The traits of the sign housing the north node become what we aspire to and something we prefer to adopt for ourselves during the period.

The nodes through the zodiac signs

The transits of the lunar nodes from sign to sign represent the trends, or the periodical shifts of public attention from. The big day-to-day dramas are described by the planets. If we think of life as a movie, the planets according to signs and angles represent the script and the actors. The nodes provide the setting (including wardrobe, props, etc).

During 2020-2021 the south node was in Sagittarius and indeed people did not travel , organized religion faced a crisis, and universities also lost their appeal. The north node was in Gemini and forced us all to get to know our neighbors, and our immediate surroundings. In addition, online communication apps such as zoom changed the way we do business and study.

During 2022-summer 23 the south node was in Scorpio and led to a heightened passion (for every imaginable topic). It also, fueled revenge organized crime, and brought tremendous changes in the economy. While the north node in Taurus led to price increases and “grab as much as you can” mentality.

If there’s one thing I’ve realized from the last few years, it’s how much the south node is influential, sometimes more than the head.

Aries-Libra axis: the axis of relationships or the axis of conflict

The road to self-discovery goes through relationships. Along the way, the Aries-Libra axis oscillates, and slowly we start wishing for balance between me and us. Striving for harmony in relationships. While on the axis, we go through upheavals and conflicts. Yet, we all want a relationship that has respect, friendship, attraction, and love. The Aries-Libra axis indicates the desire for an ideal love.

Those who have found this love discover that along the way they go through a journey of movement between self and other, back to self, another other and so on. Along with love and attraction, one must learn to be considerate (Libra) and still maintain individuality (Aries).

The two ends of the pole:

An initial description of the differences between them is that Aries prefers a short and direct sentence over vague formulations the Libra really likes. Libra is politically correct; Aries says what he wants. Aries prefers the simple, the uncomplicated, the personal, the childish, the immediate. He takes what he wants. Libra insists on the laws, customs, propriety, and the observance of clear rules. Libra thinks too much, Aries acts first and thinks later.


Aries is looking for a new beginning, he fights for self-discovery, impulsive and ready to throw himself into a situation without thinking twice. Aries gets fired up quickly, fights fast and hard, very physical, and relatively quickly he runs out of power, his enthusiasm passes, until the next burst.

Libras fight by endless discussions, bitter arguments and then some more deliberations and debates. At that time, the Aries has already gone through three different decisions and action. Libras are prone to get stuck in the same court battle for years.

The trouble with a Libra is that he is unable to make a decision. He is also unable to admit it, so he continues to argue, analyze, collect more data, and talk about it some more. Libra tries to walk between the drops and claims that he is trying to avoid war. The ram quickly loses patience and acts even before a decision was taken. North node in Aries prefers to get through the confrontation as quickly as possible and move on. For him, you don’t need to walk between the drops because we are not made of sugar, and he is ok with getting wet.

To Lead or to Follow

Libra south node tends to lose himself in the moods, feelings and opinions of others. This identification can get to the point that his personal existence depends on those around him. Libra south node is trapped inside what others say, never learning to trust himself. Aries north node will put an emphasis on an independent and individual path. He desires to control his personal space with an attitude of: “Don’t tell me what to do”. When feeling restricted, the ram will rebel and engage in battle.

South node in Libra signifies an anxiety about being alone, fearing he will fail, or will not know how to manage on his own. There are many who suffer humiliation, abuse, and terrible relationship to avoid being alone. They do not dare to stand up for themselves. The problem begins with a others who tell the Libra south node that  he is not good enough, smart enough, and other similar suggestions. Libra south node will adopt and believe that he is incapable. These people who are judgmental towards themselves (and others), and they do not stand up for themselves. The north node in Aries can start freeing some people to realize that the person who says these words to them does not want their best, but only wants to continue to keep them small.

North node in Aries teaches us to find out what our private opinions are, and how to express them. The process includes a period of distancing yourself from others (especially those you admired until that moment). It’s not easy, but you overcome the anxiety of being alone, thinking alone, or being unpopular. You discover that it’s not the end of the world to tell the inner truth. On the contrary, it is only the beginning of something worthwhile that will benefit others just as much as yourself.

In addition, sometimes the fear of being alone, or worse, being considered unpopular may drive a libra into emotional manipulation of others. When the transiting south node is in Libra, these manipulations are revealed, or they just don’t work anymore.

The balance of the axis comes from not belittling oneself while respecting and giving consideration for others.

Social Media

Libra represents everything related to social networks that have become the marker of what is right or wrong, what we like or dislike. considering the background, with the rise of artificial intelligence and the flooding of social networks with bots and fake profiles – it is no longer possible to tell if you are talking to real people or not. The south node in a sign brings out the less pleasant parts of the sign, and hence our understanding that social media needs to change.

Aries north node will prefer face to face, meetings, to know exactly who he is dealing with.

So, in my opinion, the initial impact of the transit will be related to social media, with users switching apps (I wrote this before the twitter and threads drama). Many will spend less time on the fewer social apps. Many will favor personal meetings, and phone calls to keep up with “what’s going on”. In addition, there will be many, many who will make a tremendous effort to express something original, to avoid looking and sounding like bots.

What are you sharing?

Libra coined the term “picture perfect”. Their photos are perfect. They spend hours on makeup, hair, clothing and background, for the perfect photo. Aries will prefer photos showcasing achievements. The Libras pictures have a cool atmosphere, distant, with a perfect smile that doesn’t really convey joy. The ram’s pictures will show a face with real expression while doing something, and a genuine smile from the heart.


Libra represents beauty, harmony, art. Everything we all do to look better and to make our surroundings more pleasing to the eye. The idle dragon head also loves beauty, but it’s beauty that “speaks” to him, its functional, and is tailored to him.

Aries-Libra axis emphasizes beauty. The beauty industry just keeps growing and expanding. Plastic surgery is becoming the norm, along with untold number of beauty treatments of all kinds. The next year and a half will push this trend even forward, and we will all invest even more in our looks.

You can expect new trends that will emphasize something personal (Aries), buying from lesser-known brands, or from designers who “resonate” with us. There cold gray looking trend of the past few years will end its era. The new trend will be much more colorful, versatile, and above all will demand a personal touch.

The nice part about the Aries-Libra axis is that they fight over what is more beautiful, what is considered trendy and what is not. We can expect more beauty contests of all kinds and shapes.


In recent years, many of us branched out in our careers, to the point where we present ourselves in several fields, and with multiple skills and titles. South node in Libra likes to add more and more titles and wants to keep all the options open. Yet, it is the north node which is brings the new theme, and Aries wants focus. It is telling us to choose one field in which we are experts and focus on that one. North node in Aries can lead to algorithms that “punish” those who advertise themselves in several different fields at the same time and in several different titles or expertise. The general direction will require us to specialize in one thing and decide what our profession is at any given moment.


This is the good news related to the North node in Aries.  In a time of disintegration of the education systems, here comes a welcome change of direction in which we remember that the children are the future. That we cannot continue to neglect them and expect them to grow up and bridge these gaps. Aries is a sign that understands children, knows how to talk to them, how to be a child himself, no matter what the chronological age is. This too, will only come next year, but a real change will commence in the education system, one that also counts the children and not just the system.

Laws, Justice, and everything in between

Libra insists on rules: the written laws and the unwritten social norms or conventions. The south node enters Libra at a time when many have already lost faith in legal systems, and its laws. Social norms have also been undermined to the point where people are no longer afraid of “what will the neighbors say”. This trend continues, intensifies and the fight over laws intensifies.

During the year and a half of the south node in Libra, there will be many issues regarding laws related to technology, artificial intelligence, copyrights, etc. There will be a demand for worldwide, global enforcement in which it will be more difficult to hide in countries where the laws serve the technology giants, or the hackers. The change will come towards the beginning of the 24th (Pluto returns to Aquarius). It will be clear that there is a financial damage to those who do not play by the global rules of the game. Business owners and big companies who will continue to bend governments in the direction that is convenient for them.

Aries insists on justice. Only it is a very subjective justice, what he personally sees as right. He doesn’t care about what other people consider as right. Aries is impulsive and the chances of them being the ones to take the law into their own hands is higher during this transit. North node in Aries supports new attempts, and a type of thinking that says –“ Let’s try, the worst is that we’ll understand that it doesn’t work”. The way out of the global recession will be through the lifting of bureaucratic barriers that are currently tying the hands of medium-sized businesses. The north node will give them the edge. Many are fed up with the way the big companies run the world. Don’t be surprised if the year 24 will be characterized by wars between large and medium companies more than wars between countries.

The issue of admissible evidence in a court of law would be one of the more important ones. In an era where artificial intelligence copies our identity and can-do business on our behalf, how will you be able to prove that the person who sent the message or spoke on the phone is really me and therefore I am responsible for what I said. Or maybe it’s an avatar created according with my voice and my appearance, and I didn’t know anything about it, so I’m not responsible for what was said or signed. Technological progress will bring major changes to the laws.


The south node in Libra insists on kindness and consideration. Caring for everyone who is going through hard times, the poor, the disabled, the, minority, etc. Aries doesn’t have that patience. He loves to help, but it is help as he is willing to give it and not necessarily what is right for the recipient.

The topic of consideration seems trivial, but it’s very important. In the days of the Covid lockdowns,  it was clear that the overwhelming majority of those who have no underlying illnesses will not be harmed if they contracted the virus. The reason we all stopped our lives and agreed to draconian laws was because we were considerate.

Consideration is, in my opinion, what makes humans humans. It is a what holds us together, and beautifully so. Yet, this topic will be one of the more controversial topics in the next year and a half.

The north node will bring with it a wave of exhaustion and unwillingness to be kind and considerate. Feeling like we have had enough of all the sick, wounded, mentally challenged and other people who can cut the line, and leave me standing. Beautiful basic consideration has become a doorway for manipulation and exploitation. Aries is compassionate, he is just not willing to be ordered to be empathic – he wants to do it because it’s the right thing to do, and not because someone pushed him to it.

In my opinion, this will also be one of the first changes that the transiting nodes will bring. The protest of the healthy, the sane, the non-drug addicts, the workers and those who once believed that if you play the game by the rules then you will get what you deserve. They are the ones who see how they are trampled under different pretexts of consideration for others. They are the ones who will lose patience for systems where “queue exemption” means that you will never get your turn.

And yet, consideration and identification with society and its norms is what creates culture and humanity as we know it. The south node in Libra is empathetic, it empathizes with the suffering of others and tries to do something to alleviate that suffering. The south node will not give up striving for equality, trying to give those who don’t have the opportunities and the embrace that they need. The south node in Libra will try to do mediate between opposing rivals.  The north node knows that mediation is the most practical and effective method, and therefore will probably cooperate with this trend.

Joint effort

The Aries-Libra axis is known as the conflict axis because that’s what we remember, the fights and what didn’t work out. In daily life it is far more the axis that offers support, helps others and is attentive. Aries loves competition, but he doesn’t play dirty, he wants to win because he deserves the victory. During the polarization of the past few years and the rapacity of Pluto in Capricorn, there were many, many, who reacted but insisting on being kind and helpful. made it their goal to help as much as possible. Those who volunteer quietly, without public relations. Giving of themselves, helping those they can, without pre-conditions and without discrimination – they are the ones who created the infrastructure for the future. The next wave of competitions will feature tasks in which people are competing in helping other people. In contrast to the reality shows of the Pluto in Capricorn era where the winner was the best predator.

North node in Aries Transit highlight dates

The nodal axis was in Aries – Libra in the following dates:

20.8.1967 – 19.4.1969 (the 60’s culture)

7.4.1986 – 2.12.1987 (80s culture, puffy hair, video games swept the world)

27.12.2004 – 22.6.2006 (the rise of Facebook, YouTube)


The nodes enter Aries-Libra on 17.7.23.

As I wrote above, the nodal axis is less apparent on a day-to-day basis. They become very noticeable during eclipses. However, this year, we will feel the transit from Scorpio to Libra and Taurus to Aries immediately: Along with the transition there will be a square aspect between the nodes and Pluto in 29 Capricorn. This will take place between July 17, 2023 and July 29, 2023. The chance of widespread economic destruction is particularly high during this period, and along with it, many norms and laws undergo a difficult transformation.

Venus retrograde in Leo during the summer of 2023 weakens Libra and the descending node within it. It will be a time when there will be quite a few breakups in relationships, and contract violations, disorderly conduct, and violations of all kinds that come from the feeling that there is nothing to lose, and that there is no one who can stop or make us pay for these violations.

Eclipses October 2023

The solar eclipse features the sun & moon in a square aspect to Pluto which will affect the economy. There will probably be attempts and calls for stronger regulation.  The luminaries lord, Venus, is in Virgo in detriment and in a square aspect to Saturn – another signifier for a bad turn of the economy. Two weeks later, the lunar eclipse has a mixed message with it. The moon will be conjunct Jupiter while the Sun with Mercury and Mars. There is an exact opposition between Jupiter and Mars, and this may bring a change in the economy based on faith. This can be a boycott, ths can be a real attempt to curtail the super rich and powerful with the use of the common people.


There will be a big difference between the period of the second half of 2023 with Pluto in Capricorn. It will bring with it a continuation of overpowering which the north node in Aries cannot tolerate, while the south node in Libra likes. It means that someone makes the decisions for him, and all he can do is sit and complain.

Pluto returns to Aquarius for a major part of 2024. When Pluto is in Aquarius, the south node in Libra will be insist on keeping the algorithm fair. It will not have preferences and will not like one user more he likes another. That is equality, and the algorithms are the same to all (at least to those who know how to use them). At the same time, the same Pluto in Aquarius also strengthens the desire for individuality. Along with the north node in Aries, it will be easier to leave the shackles of tradition, relationships, or even economic comfort in favor of independent and individual personal expression.

Eclipses April 2024

The lunar eclipse comes first within an overall positive chart. The eclipse will bring issued related to education. The solar eclipse is a tricky one. The sun and the moon conjunct Chiron, which suggests past wounds. The luminaries lord, Mars in Pisces conjunct Saturn probably raises more and mor ethe issue of drug use among younger people, and in addition to it a freefall in the mental health services – when it is overwhelmed by too much demand and too little help. 

Eclipses Sep-Oct 2024

Those will probably deal mainly with politics, with surprises and newcomers.

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