Capricorn Horoscope 2019

Overall Capricorn Horoscope 2019

This is not an easy year for most Capricorns, with Saturn transiting your sign, and being your sign’s lord it feels as if the world is demanding too much of you, a bit more than you can handle. If you can only remember that what seems really hard right now, will seem much easier next year, you will go through the challenges in a smoother way.

Added to the Saturn and Pluto influence on Capricorns, is the south node presence in your sign as well for this year. South node representing all the aspects of life that seem limiting and even retarding, being exposed for a while.

Those born between Jan. 3- Jan. 11 will experience the Saturn influence directly, probably in the field of their career, some also as health concerns and the feeling of fatigue and pain. Those born between Jan. 11 to Jan 15 will experience the influence of Pluto, having to make transformational changes in their lives, and re-invent themselves.

The overall tendency of 2019 for Capricorns would be of turning inwards, having a bit of a pessimistic point of view on life in general, and their own lives in particular. The point to remember throughout the year is that it will be easier next year, and much easier in two years’ time.

Capricorn horoscope

Career Horoscope Capricorn 2019

Many Capricorns will feel very frustrated in their careers this year. It seems that the demands are piling up, and that people forget that you are only one person and there is a limit to what one person can do. Others will find it hard to get along with their colleagues or the people around them at work, and will run into confrontations more than they would like to. With all that taken into account, it will be easier to stay in the same job, and make a transition in a year or two, rather than have to face the challenge of starting a fresh in a new place.

Capricorns born between Jan. 3- Jan. 11 will feel those difficulties stronger than the others. Those born between Jan. 11 to Jan 15 will probably be forced into making a fresh start, even if they don’t feel ready to do so. Those born in the early degrees of the sign will have a quiet year, in which they will try to avoid making too much noise.


Relationships Horoscope Capricorn 2019

The energies of 2019 are such that all areas of life seem to be under pressure, relationships included. The overall experience is that other people are not understanding or supporting enough, that others don’t see the sacrifices you make, and an overall feeling of hurt and disappointment from people you thought would be there for you.

For many it will be a year in which they will prefer not to form any new relationships, and may even elect not to continue in some of the current relationships. Capricorns will need more time to regain strength this year, and will be less friendly than their usual.

The energy emphasis this year is on family ties, and family relationships and those will take up much of the time and the interest of the Capricorns. Caring for children and or parents will not leave much for other people. Next year will have far more opportunities for meeting new people.

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Capricorn Astrology Direction for  2019

It seems that the planetary alignment for 2019 will not be easy for many Capricorns. The eclipses in January will not go unnoticed, disturbing many relationships, and life habits, requiring the Capricorns to put in even more effort than they usually do. The eclipses in July will feel like a wakeup call to start realizing what your personal dream is. The dream that you hold, which is not related to anyone else.

It is not a year to go for something new, rather see how you can rid yourselves of some of the old, clearing out time and space in your lives for the new to come next year.

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