Aquarius Compatibility

aquarius-compatibilityAquarius Woman

She cannot understand herself, so it is hard to expect anyone else to be able to grasp her. In relationships she prefers friendship to steamy love. She can proclaim that she supports free love, yet when faced with reality she will be very angry on infidelity. She is uncomfortable with romantic love, but love has many expressions.

Aquarius Man

He is having hard time expressing feelings and deeper meanings. He is capable of loyalty and consistency, but also able to disappear without much notice. He has to have time for his hobbies, friends and mental world.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarians are not comfortable with deep feelings or explosive emotions. Aquarius is a fixed sign and they are capable of true relationships that last over long period of time, strengthening as the years go by. The cliché is that Aquarians have an different tastes and sexual orientation, and that is not necessarily true (Though there is something in this say).

They get along good with the fire sign Aries and Sagittarius, with Leo they find nonstop challenge. They understand the air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Able to cooperate with the earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, but Taurus poses too much of a challenge. Scorpio repels them, Cancer and Pisces drive them out of their minds.


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