Aries Compatibility

aries-compatibilityAries Woman:

Aries women are not willing to compromise, and this leads to many confrontations in their relationship. They desire some excitement and they need to validate themselves, usually by opposing someone no matter if that person is around or not. They are quick to anger, and just as quickly for forgiveness. The way to get their attention is to compliment them on their looks, and present a challenge to them. As the years go by they manage to stay young, manage to keep their men in a healthy fighting spirit as well.

Aries Man:

Aries Men have no patience. They want to play the role of the men who is a leader of his family, and prefers a woman that will let him play the macho role, and support it. In their younger years they want to explore and dare in their relationships, as they mature, they slowly take on the role of the supporter loyal supporters of their family. It is best to let them vent out their anger and not retaliate back; trying to explain or teach them about behavior is not effective either. Harmony with an Aries man is arrived by example and by challenging them towards maturity.

Aries Compatibility

When in a relationship with an Aries one gets used to living between bursts of anger alternating with childlike innocence and retribution. One learns to let them win to keep them happy.

In theory the Aries gets along great with fire signs: Leo and Sagittarius. Aries with Aries can usually doesn’t last. With the water signs Pisces and Cancer the relationships challenging with many ups and downs. Aries share many traits with Scorpios and those relationships tend to last longer. Aries get along well with the air signs Gemini and Aquarius. With Libra they either complement each other or undermine each other constantly. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can give the Aries security, but the Aries may feel bored and imprisoned.


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