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Full Moon (Eclipse) Aries / Libra Horoscope: October 2013

Aries Lunar eclipse Oct 13The theme for the up and coming eclipse is no surprise; it is the core of the Libra – Aries axis: the taking of sides. We can best see it in the American politics with the shut down due to each side going to the extreme.

From what I hear from my clients, and see in the world, this eclipse is already in action. As you know, eclipses “work” from one month prior to the eclipse up to one month after its occurrence, when the events actually happen. So, as I write this, we are already faced with duality. Each side is barricading and fighting hard, no one stops to think about what the price is, and who pays that price, the fight is far more important than common sense.

We can see this not only in politics, but also in many households, in many countries where people find themselves fighting and taking a side, forgetting why they took this side in the first place.

The forces wishing for change against the forces wishing to keep things as they are is the theme for this eclipse. In two weeks time we get the solar eclipse, one that will support those seeking a change.

This eclipse comes at the middle of the Pluto – Uranus square era, when those that want to change everything are gaining strength, while those that have the power and want to keep that power are seeing how their control is diminishing slowly, very slowly, but yet they do not like what is going on, and therefore fight even harder. Remember, this eclipse IS the time to take a stand, you will have to decide and take a side, and you will not be able to be on both sides. You either want the change (political, economical, and very personal in your relationship), or you don’t want those changes.

If you resist the change, you will be better off by negotiating your way into smaller changes, those that are easier for you to handle.

The new moon takes place on Oct  18, 23:35 GMT, 25° of Libra – Aries.

Lunar eclipse Oct 2013

In the Lunar eclipse horoscope we find the Sun and Moon opposition in Libra Aries highlighting the duality. At the same time Venus, the Sun’s ruler in Sagittarius is in aspect to both the sun and the Moon. Venus in Sagittarius wants to dream big dreams, want to know that there is a better future, does not want to work hard for anything, is willing to settle for less materially as long as there is more freedom to be gained. This Venus in a Semi-Square aspect (45°) to the Sun, and a Sesquiquadrate to the moon.

These are minor aspects, that we have added to Astrology in modern times, yet they are the story of this Lunar eclipse.  This configuration suggests struggle, but a struggle that does not have a clear focus. There is a lot of anxiety associated with these aspects, and this anxiety leads to harsh actions that stem from impatience and not from clear thinking.

At the same time, Mars, the moon’s ruler in this chart is in an exact opposition to Neptune. This aspect is known for watering down the Martian energy. Therefore leading to more frustrations, more feeling of being stuck and unable to move, and therefore, leading to a very violent and wrong action.

Further, the eclipse occurs a few hours before Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio.

This Mercury retrograde is the key OUT of these senseless fights. The best thing to do with this Lunar eclipse is NOT to do anything. If life changed for you a month ago, than adjust to the new situation, if not, it is better to wait until the middle of the Mercury retro, or about two weeks for the solar eclipse which will bring with it all that you need to make a real change, a lasting change in your relationships, in your karma, in the way you will fight your battles from now on.

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

Is the battle I am fighting worth such a sacrifice?

What was my original intention?

Can I climb down from my high place and make life easier for myself?

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse is a time when the emotions run the show. Please note that it is the emotions, not the true feelings, and therefore they cause even more stress and the feeling of being swept by the world and the overall energy.

To find out where you are PERSONALLY affected by this Lunar eclipse, take a look at your chart and find the 25 degree of Libra and Aries. The houses represented will change whether you want it or not. You can direct this change for the better outcome by remembering what it is you really want, is it more freedom? Is it more stability? Whatever you want, remember it at the time of the eclipse.



2 Responses to “Full Moon (Eclipse) Aries / Libra Horoscope: October 2013”

  1. This year, the full-moon in August – July 31,2015, occurred on my Solar Return conjunct my natal Sun in Leo (8 degrees)in my 6th house. What is the basic significance for upcoming year with this aspect?

    Posted by Madeline Carroll | August 2, 2015, 11:40 pm
    • Hi,

      A Solar Return with a full moon is a year that signifies endings.

      Your Leo Sun like self-expression, the feeling of being in control of your life, and the wish to be the director of your life.
      This year with the moon in Aquarius opposing the Sun, you will find that the closest people to you are demanding from you to be there for their ideals. There are huge ego conflicts and issues regarding discrimination based on social status that will tear you from within. People you like will not be accepted by others because they are not “like us”, people you do not like will keep making those remarks that cause you to re-think you loyalty to them.

      In the 6th house it is either work related discrimination, or health issues that can be traced back to felling of superiority or inferiority.

      As always, the advice is to go with your heart.

      All the best


      Posted by Admin | August 4, 2015, 4:54 pm

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