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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon Scorpio – Taurus Horoscope: November 10, 2011

Astrologywork.com Full MoonThe Horoscope of the Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus brings with it the combination of life flowing along, and at the same time experiencing  a bit of an isolation from what is going on around us, when we feel that our desires are not met, but at the same time we do get other valuable things into our lives.

The tendency will be to try and control, block out, and keep to ourselves (the Sun and Moon opposition, is in no major aspect to any other planet, except Pluto the transformer).  We will either hide our desires from everyone including ourselves, or indulge them to the fullest. Both extremes are in their own harmful, and it does take a lot of maturity to be able to find a middle way.

This horoscope represents the isolation of personal desires from the actual conditions prevailing in the world.  This can be an opportunity to feel those desires, and attempt to give them their right place in our lives. Desire can be an engine towards amazing achievements of any person, on the same token they can lead to his downfall.

Scorpio – Taurus always brings up the issues of power, of material positions as representatives of power. “The conflict of power” is raging hard in world politics, and within each individual. We all want to feel powerful, and are willing to exert ourselves for that feeling. In its base this feeling is right, the problems start when we feel that in order to feel powerful, we have to take something from somebody else.

Another aspect of the Taurus-Scorpio combination is the heightening of sexual relations, sexual desires, and any fixations we may have in this area. This is not the time to start a new relationship; it will be a good time to get to terms with current and old relationships, especially those in which we experienced power struggles.

In this horoscope, Jupiter in Taurus is in trine to Mars in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn. Plans and work that we did a while back is here to bear fruits. This configuration is aided by Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius – all suggesting on continuing along known paths and plans, far more than on starting something new.

For all who read: this is a good time to look at what was started years ago and IS working, there are times when we do get what we have worked for, it may not be exactly what we wanted, it is still worthy and can be relied upon to continue to support us.

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

What is offered to me that I am not seeing? (Just this once don’t go for the spiritual “lesson” offered, go for a real material thing that is offered to you)

Do I follow my desires out of habit, or do I still desire those things?

What is power mean to me, how do I use my power?

What is there in my life right now that is costing me more than its worth?


The new moon takes place on Nov 10, 20:16 GMT, 18° of Scorpio-Taurus.

 full moon scorpio taurus 2011


Full Moons:

Full Moons are time to reflect, time to celebrate, and time to make friends with the night. Many of our holidays are still celebrated around full moons when the nights are naturally illuminated.  Full Moons are also the time where people get in tune with their deepest feelings, when humanity guides are transmitting the light of conciseness, understanding and compassion.

It is advised Not to start any new project within the 24 hours of the full moon, but rather use that day for mundane tasks, while enjoying an acute sense of meditation.  Full Moons are times for reflection.

Take a look at your chart, locate the 18th degree of the Fixed signs, any planet on this degree will be affected by the full moon. In affected I mean, understood in a new way, rather than acted upon. The action will follow when the point is activated next time by a transiting planet.


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