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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon Aquarius / Leo Horoscope: February 7, 2012

full moon leo aquariusI was thinking of the theme for this full moon horoscope, when I saw a group of teenagers hanging out together, each holding a smart phone, all are completely engrossed in their small screens. Leo the individual, Aquarius the group – we have it in this picture. Many individuals playing something with their Smartphone, while taking pictures of each other and immediately uploading them to facebook.

The Horoscope of the Full Moon in Aquarius – Leo centers just on the issues that many of us face during adolescence, and yet they never really get solved. Who are my friends? Why are they my friends? And who am I? am I different when i/m with these people as opposed to those other people? Am I popular? Am I liked?

Many of you will be feeling those same feelings and nagging questions around the full moon. The Sun moon opposition makes has no aspects to an otherwise harmonious horoscope. This builds up energy where all is well in life, except one small thing.

That one small thing is the way you present yourself (Leo) around your group or your friends (Aquarius). You can expect old scars from high school, when you felt rejected or unpopular to come and re-visit. On the other hand, you can take this chance and stop playing the games you hate and that you have outgrown.

Any acts that you are putting on just to be liked and accepted will not work so well any more, you can take a break from the show, and look for friends that like you just the way you are.

Any identity that is related to your group of friends meaning: the nerds, the hackers, the soccer moms, the movie fanatics and so on will come to the forefront for you to choose whether you like this persona, or you would like to change it a bit.

On a global level, we will see more debates about identity and social sharing on the net. This is one of the leading issues of the past months, and it will be heightened around this time. The cyber identity, that many people have which is so far removed that their other daily identity will be challenged. There will also be more talk about the intrusion into the private lives of celebrities and the use of people or image of people against their wishes.

This full moon you will get a chance to take a look at your friendships. Keep those that serve you, and move on from those that don’t. There is a saying: “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”, and this saying will make you think and feel about how you present yourself to your friends, are you still dragging along and doing things you don’t like just to get accepted?

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

Do I enjoy being near my friends?

Do I change my behavior around a specific group of people and why?

What am I willing to go through just to get the win the illusive and impossible popularity contest?


The new moon takes place on Feb  7, 21:53 GMT, 18° of Aquarius  Leo

full moon aquarius leo 2012


Full Moons:

Full moons are time for reflection, not for doing. This is the time in the month when emotions run high, and feeling on all levels is heightened. Remember we ALL experience the full moon, even those that claim not to feel anything.

In this full moon, you will get a good chance to see the relationship between the individual and the group. Group pressure, group activity and the threat of being cast aside and considered an unpopular , which causes people to do things they are truly sorry about later.

You can grow up and join a new group of friends that brings out the good in new, make you feel valuable, and yes – that you have fun with.

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