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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon Cancer / Capricorn July 2012 Horoscope

Cancer Capricorn Full MoonThis coming full moon in Cancer / Capricorn has is highlighting
themes related to Cancer/Capricorn. This axis represents the energies of
family, heritage, and the large society in which a person lives his or her

The Sun/Moon opposition is conjunct the Pluto Uranus square which
is the most important configuration of 2012. This square of Pluto in Capricorn to
Uranus in Aries highlights the struggle between the old and the new which is
experienced all around the world. Old regimes are changing, and yet many people
feel that the changes are not coming fast enough (Uranus). On the other hand
many people feel that those changes are not for the best, and try and hold on
to the current regimes. The Sun and the moon full moon on this axis will serve
to bring to the forefront these opposing forces.

On a personal scale, this full moon will highlight the issues
between your own personal mother and your own personal father. There are always
issues between them, even in the best of parents, and with much sorrow fighting
among parents is still the background music for so many children.

Like it or not, you took sides, you picked one side and decided
they were right. NOW is the time to look at our choice, try and find a way to
bridge both sides, since they are both within you and within your life.

Other issues which are heightened are the issues of authority. Authority
can help maintain a society, it can also become a monstrous power that stamps
out the people it is supposed to serve. We can see this in countries around the
world, we can see it in many families in which parents use their authority and
power not to help guide their children in the right way, but also in the worst
kind of way bordering on abuse.

The rest of the horoscope of the full moon is also interesting with
different energies allowing for all kinds of manifestations. Jupiter and Venus
conjunct the south node bring an opportunity to heal those old wounds connected
to each person’s heritage. On the other hand, Saturn in Libra in direct motion
after many months, finds it hard to find the new common ground, and its aspects
represent frustrations.

The way to get the best out of this full moon is for each one to
agree to take responsibility to his or her life first.  This full moon asks all of us to grow up, and
be our own parents to ourselves.

We are living a power struggle between the Cancer energy and the
Capricorn energy, and we can transform that struggle into cooperation.

How to do it you ask? Well, it starts with taking responsibility (Capricorn),
and allowing the nurturing (cancer) to work together.

Full moon Cancer/Capricorn  is on Jul 3, 18:51 GMT, 12°

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon

At the time of the Full Moon it is best to take time to
oneself. This is the time when the moon reflects the Sun and brings the dual
forces in which we all live to the forefront. This is a good opportunity to
gain insight and understanding for the next month or on any current issue we
are experiencing.

Anyone with a planet on the 12° of the cardinal signs
will feel this full moon more than others and may experience changes in their
lives which will manifest in various ways depending on the planet involved.

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