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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Gemini Sagittarius June 2012

Gemini Lunar eclipse 2012This full moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, will keep on centering on the mind, on our thought process, individual and global. The sign Gemini is highlighted with the Venus in Retro in the sign, forcing all of us to rethink our thinking.
Those of us who practice meditations experience how thoughts seem to come from nowhere, without our control and those who do not, start feeling how their mind is completely out of control, more than the usual, at these times.
This full moon is the time NOT to be attached to any thought or concern; the energies are so mutable that nothing seems fixed anymore. Even the most flexible of people, find this is a bit hard, and those who are rigid in their thoughts will retaliate by holding on even tighter to their way of life, as it slowly shifts beneath their feet. 
This full moon has only two harmonious aspects: the moon in trine to Uranus in the fire signs, championing an emphasis on the individual’s feelings and self assertion, and Mercury trines Saturn in the air signs championing long term communication where a coomon ground can be found.

Gemini_Ssgittarius full moonThe rest of the horoscope centers on battles, internal battles within each individual and global battles. The old vs. the new.  A way of life for so many which is no longer valid, while a new way of life has not proven itself yet as effective. In between many feel unable to communicate with others, or simply misunderstood.
When Sagittarius and Gemini are at the forefront, issues of beliefs bubble up. We can see this in the political arena in many countries around the world, where the choice is between a leader who champions religious values is running against one who champions reforms. In so many of them, Greece being the best example, there is no decision. Individuals can feel this same pull between the opposites of old beliefs against new ideas in their own personal lives, as yet, without being able to choose a side.

This full moon will put many personal battles in a new perspective. This can be a wonderful time to see matters in a new way, a way that can help see where to put the effort, where one should concentrate energies, and what is futile, and will never work, or has finished, and should be let go of. This can be dreams, relationships, way of life, and even deep personal battles that are usually not so conscious.

The way to deal with this full moon is to be as flexible as possible. Think before you retaliate; is this issue really worth the fight? Will you still want what you are striving so hard to get, next year?

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

A relationship is between two individuals!

Do I project my own inner critic on others around me putting words into their mouth?

Can you be a friend to yourself? 

Full moon Gemini /Sagittarius is on Jun 4, 11:11 GMT, 14°

full moon Gemini Sagittarius 2012

Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse are a good opportunity to realize what is working and what is not. These energies can expose weaknesses as well as points of strength unknown to the individuals.

This full moon is a good time to re-evaluate belief systems and the way they influence thoughts and communication.
Any on with a planet on angle on the 14° of the mutable signs will feel this lunar eclipse in a deep way.

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