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2013 horoscopes

Leo Horoscope 2013

Overall Horoscope Leo 2013

This year will favor the Leos that have done real work in the past few years, and will be more difficult on the Leos that have hopes and dreams but have not done their share in working towards making those, manifest. In a way, many Leos will get back what they have been sending out.

Overall, the energies of 2013 can be used by many Leos to advance their ideas, their dreams, or to deepen family ties in a very constructive way. However, they will need to show up and be there, taking care of the small details to make sure that they are on par with life’s demands.

Leos that are willing to take up with their responsibilities will be rewarded by the end of 2013, while those who will play the blame game, will not benefit much during the year, but will find themselves in a worse place by the end of the year.

Leos are known to be generous, and there will be others who will be relying on them for help during this year. Many Leos will be confronted with issues of how much they are willing and more so- how much they are Able to help others, when their resources are limited after all.

Career horoscope Leo 2013

In the year 2013 there will be Leos who will get more than they have wished for, while others will feel like they are being stretched to their limits.

The year 2013 will bring with it opportunities to get ahead, something many Leos like and want, but it will not be easy, and require some sacrifices on their part. Each Leo will have to face decisions regarding the right balance between work and family, or work vs. other life pursuits.

Leos will find themselves being called upon to fix other people’s mistakes, or to try and save failing projects. Many of them will succeed in doing just that, while many will not, but the experience will teach them a lot, and the lessons they will learn are priceless in the long run.

Overall this year will bring with it opportunities to the Leos, it will be up to each one individually to realize how to manage them.

Relationships  Horoscope Leo

In the year 2013 many Leos will be called upon to support, and to lead in their relationships. Single Leos will find opportunities to be very sociable, but the relationships they will have will be taking them out of their comfort zone.

Leos who are in a relationship already will need to be a little more supportive of their mates, though this should not to be a year of major relationship tests and trials.

Direction for Leo 2013

Overall 2013 is neither an amazing nor a disastrous year for the Leos. The year will have its highs and lows, and most Leos can make small advancements in many fields.

Leos who are in a spiritual field of any sort, will have many opportunities of getting to know themselves on a deeper and truer level. Those insights will be surprising to them both for the good and the bad, but they can contribute to a realistic point of view.

Leos who have been living beyond their means or engaging in unhealthy activities will find it harder to continue as they have before. They will simply find that they have less support in their endeavors, they will be tired more often, or not having as much fun as they used to.

Leos who know their direction can keep on following it, and they can remind themselves often to take the time to appreciate the good life, leave time for fun activities, and allow more game and play within their routine.

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  1. […] Leo is one of the most misunderstood signs. The Leos themselves find it hard to understand their own sign, and how to live it, so it is with other signs that find the Leos hard to understand. […]

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