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New Moon & Full Moon

New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Gemini Horoscope: May 20, 2012

Gemini new moon solar eclipseThe new moon in Gemini, is also a partial solar eclipse, which putts extra emphasis on this new moon. Also, this new moon in on the 0 degree of Gemini, and anything major happening on the 0 degree, has something new in store. It also means that the next new moon will also be in Gemini, putting extra weight on this sign.

Gemini is such an important energy these days around the world. We are all addicted to media of some sort news come in a flash, PR companies run politicians, and what I am doing right now, writing to my astrology blog, has so much of the Gemini energy in it: I’m writing on current events (Gemini), I’m sharing my thoughts (Gemini), I’m defining, putting words on energies (again Gemini), and I’m publishing these ideas (This one is actually Sagittarius).

So, what can we expect in this coming solar eclipse: it is so hard to predict. 0 degrees bring something totally new, unexpected, and beyond my ability to put words on it. whatever will come will make us re-evaluate our way of using words, our way of writing e-mails, or tweets, or any other small sentences we write without much though during our days. There may be many misunderstandings; you will see how people understand your words in a completely different manner that you have expected.

Gemini also rules commerce, and all those who are signing new contract around the time of this solar eclipse will get a completely different outcome than expected (could be good, could be bad, there is no way to judge the outcome)

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Gemini has the Sun/Moon conjunction is a square to Neptune in Pieces. This energy configuration contributes to misunderstandings and frustrations from attempting to be clear and not being able to do it. Mercury (Gemini ruler) is in Taurus conjunct Jupiter and in a Sesquisquare to Pluto and Quincunx to Saturn. My interpretation of this configuration is high expectations leading to unexpected on no results.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter makes people think broadly and miss the small details, it also make them act and talk in a big way, making big promises, acting upon wishes rather than facts, but there is a sense of optimism and faith. The Sesquisaqure (135° aspect), is just that – high expectations that do not materialize as expected), the Quincunx (150°) is an aspect that signifies delays.

This solar eclipse comes when Venus is retrograding in Gemini, a retro which will highlight the need to realize that there are gaps between people in terms of values, in terms of backgrounds, education and way of life. Yet there is a wish to get along, to find the common ground where real communication and cooperation can flourish.

This solar eclipse will be a good time to observe our communication skills, especially those words and sentences we say without much thought. Our habitual way of talking can be seen in a new manner around this solar eclipse.

Anyone with planets on the 0° degree of the mutable sign can expect a major shift concerning the planet involved, you will actually see the shift the next time this point is activated which is only five days later on May 25 when Mercury gets to that degree (Jupiter will activate it on June 12, and will bring with it some surprises)

For all who read: THINK BEFOE YOU SPEAK!

Also, don’t expect people to understand you, they come from different backgrounds, different set of values, try and understand the differences and find a way to bridge over them.

Another small bit, Gemini rules brothers and sisters. This can be a good time to heal past wounds or strengthen ties with siblings. Expect some surprise from your siblings around this time.

The new moon takes place on May 20, 23:47 GMT, 0° of Gemini.

New Moon in Gemini 2012


Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Ruler: Mercury

House: 3st House

Gemini is the sign of communication, of being around people, of conversing, writing and doing three things at once. Gemini is the first sign of the mind, the first sign that deals with us humans, and our way of thinking, our thirst for knowledge, our ability to learn, to gather information, use it, and transmit it to others,

Gemini is a very social sign, they can hardly ever be alone, always needing a twin, someone to be there who will talk to them. Gemini actually don’t like it when people agree with them since it ends the conversation, they much rather have long debates, and discussion, and prefer people who will challenge them on that regard.

solar eclipse 2012 Gemini new moonGemini are good at commerce, many of them are born sales persons, able to talk to anyone, establish rapport, and find the way to sell their product without the buyer being aware of what is going on. They have a good understanding of what is going on in the markets on any given day and adapt easily to changes.

Gemini have to do a few things at the same time to feed and utilize all their mind energy. In this society, these traits are highly valued, and many Gemini find work easily. They also love the internet with its ability to stay in touch all the time with like minded people.

Solar Eclipse:

A Solar eclipse is a New Moon with extra weight. Things that are initiated between the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse (which is the next Full Moon in about 2 weeks) have more significance, and therefore should be thought about more carefully. There are many meditations to help utilize the power of eclipses for more understanding. Find in your chart the 0° of Gemini by house and see what upgrade you can bring into that area of life.


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