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New Moon in Libra Horoscope: October 15, 2012

The horoscope of the coming new moon brings with it some hope. Libra is the sign of the scales, and this specific horoscope has the energy of the point of balance between the scales.

We are all quick to judge, quick to pick a side and fight the other side, we are always on one side of the scales or the other in a seesaw motion that never stops. This is part of life here on earth and the experience of duality.

Libra is the 7th sign, the one in which the emphasis is on the fact that there are two sides to the coin, that there is a duality here, and just being aware of this fact can help in moving forward in consciousness.

The horoscope of the new moon finally gives the Sun/Moon a positive aspect to Jupiter – helping the optimists among us, and giving the rest of us some relief of the constant worry we all feel all the time. Venus in good aspect to Mercury and Mars to Uranus help us in communicating well and manifesting what we intend without too much struggle.

Just before the eclipses of next month, we have this breather coming up. So, enjoy this time. This is the time to spend with loved ones, with friends, NOT solve any issue, just listening.

If possible get into that quiet point between the scales, where you do not need to attack or defend anything. This point is readily available to all who wish to visit it in the next two weeks.

The new moon takes place on October 15, 12:02 GMT, 22° of Libra:

new moon in Libra 2012



Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Ruler: Venus

House: 7th House


Libra is the sign of balance. The question to ask this month is – balance of what?

We all have Libra in our charts, we all have Venus somewhere in our personal horoscopes representing our ability to relate to other people, to anything that is not ourselves. We can relate to others by going to war with them. We can relate to others by cooperating with them. We can also do a little bit of both, as is the case most of the time.

There is a point of balance somewhere between the ME and the YOU, somewhere between what belong to me and what belongs to you. That point where piece prevails and there is room for everybody to be just who they are and it is OK. They are accepted, loved and appreciated just as they are, their beauty can shine forth. This point can be achieved by Libras, maybe only for fleeting moments, but the point of seeing, understanding and accepting all is possible in this sign of the scales.

Another important point to emphasis on Libra and Libras are their ability to create and maintain harmony and beauty. Libra does not make you an artist, but Libra does give a flavor of good taste, someone who know how to mix and match colors, how to design, and someone who appreciates and needs order, harmony and beauty.

This is the month to bring in more beautiful things into life, enjoying and appreciating harmony and art in everyday life.


New Moons:

New moons are the time for seeding. Find the 22° of Libra in your chart by house, and this will be the area to bring in something beautiful into.


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