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New Moon in Pisces Horoscope: February 21, 2012

piscesThe Horoscope of the New Moon in Pieces is the first real emphasis on this sign since Neptune entered it for a  14 years duration in its home sign.the energy that Neptune brings into its home sign, accentuates anything that is related to it: connection to the many, no boundaries, star quality, escapism, and finding it hard to deal with mundane tasks. Neptue, the lord of the sea represents the cosmic womb from witch all of us come and return to.

Many of us have some habits of escaping the daily reality, and who can blame us? This reality is harsh, unsupportive in many aspects and so demanding. So each of us has his or her own way of escape with the largest numbers ever in history opting for alcohol or drugs. This issue will come to the forefront around this time, for each individual and on a global scale as well.

Those on a spiritual path or who are born connected will tap easily into the forces of the beyond, many to the point of overwhelm. It is so important not to lose yourself around this new moon, unless you are fully ready to deal with the consequences: some are great like the feeling on connection to the cosmos, some can cause you to lose your balance in a way that will affect your daily life.

This horoscope is flowing and has a real hope in it, but there is underneath it the usual Piscean issue: no borders. This new moon will take you further away than what you are used to with whatever direction you will give yourself. The Pisces energy talks about a connection, can you take a bit of a time and feel what it is that you personally are connected to?

The Mars in Retrograde in Virgo vs. all the Pisces energy will make many of you consider (or fight over)the usual issue of chaos versus order. This is the time for those who allow some chaos in their life; this is the time when they might be able to show that too much order can kill the spirit of any project, relationship or whatever.

This new moon can bring a different perspective to any of the following

·          Means of escape used by each of us(we all have them)

·          Order vs. Some chaos

·          Feeling connected to what?

In this horoscope, Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Taurus do not offer any breaks on the tendency to flow. They actually fuel the fire even more. Saturn and Mars in retro don’t offer much of a balance either, so take a deep breath and dive into the watery nature of you.

For all who read: This new moon will bring with it many dreams, to be honest none of them will materialize as you dream it, but something can start to take shape and form slowly, so go ahead and aim for the stars.


The new moon takes place on Jan 23, 7:39 GMT, 2° of Aquarius. 


new moon in Pieces 2012




Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruler: Neptune

House: 1rth House

Picses is the last sign of the zodiac. It is a Mutable water  sign which indicates a flowing streaming nature in it base. There are many descriptions of the Pisces energy, some of them talk about high spirituality, healing capabilities and such, the other description talk about the lack of self control and the a tendency to addictions. In reality most of the Pisceans are regular people, living the same life as everybody else with the same amount of misfortune and or fortune as the rest of us. They can be a bit more compassionate, many of them will be attacked into the helping professions, and some of them, just like the rest of us, will choose to escape this harsh reality and put some colors on it – and who can blame them?

Pisces does heighten sensitivity, but it up to the individual Pisces to find out sensitivity to what. Pisces do tend to be a bit disorganized, but o are the Sagittarians. They are no more or no less spiritual than anybody else. If anything, due to the reflecting and flowing nature of the Piscean energy, they reflect the rest of society just as it is.

If you have a Pisces in your life just remember that all they want is to color this reality in a nice color, and more than that, to be safe. The Pisces in your life could be happy if they know that their work is valued, and that they do indeed contribute something good.

New Moons:

New Moons are a good time to take a look at the house where the new moon takes place and seed something new. Take a look at your chart, locate the 2th degree of Pisces and try and see if you have escaped anything  which is related to that house.   

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