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2013 horoscopes

Sagittarius Horoscope 2013

Overall Sagittarius horoscope 2013

Sagittarius will have a year in which they will need direction more than anything else, there will not be any guiding force, any necessity or even someone pushing in any direction. So, it’s up to each Sagittarians to make their own choices and decisions.

The energies of 2013 will bring with them many opportunities in many directions, but with them can come a sense of optimism that will make many Sagittarians gamble, take unnecessary risks, and go beyond their limits.

Sagittarians born between Nov. will be even more confused and disoriented than the rest. They should all be very aware that now is not the time to make major investments, it is the time to develop their philosophical, mystical nature.

Overall, all Sagittarians will have a nice year, in which it is up to them to fill it up with what they would like. Those who are in religious, philosophy, occult or any other mind expansions will enjoy this year. They will have many opportunities to see their learning become more real, easier to follow and live by.

All Sagittarius should watch out their investments. If it sounds too good to be true, then don’t be tempted in. Read the fine lines carefully, and don’t count on your luck too much, in mid year, it will start to run out.

Career horoscope Sagittarius 2013

In 2013 Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler will be in opposition in the sign Gemini. This will bring with it many opportunities, but also a tendency for greed and for wanting too much. the problem with this transit is that no matter what you get, you still feel unsatisfied.

This year of 2013 will favor Sagittarians in the communications and commerce fields, as well as the teachers. Still, they should all keep their hopes and dreams on a realistic level, and learn to be happy with what they have.

Many Sagittarians will have a smooth year, one that will make them want to do less, while still getting the same return. It might work for a while, but not for long.

Overall, most Sagittarians will stay where they are; this is not the year for any major shift. Those who feel compelled to try out new things should do that on a part time basis.


Relationships horoscope Sagittarius 2013

In the relationship level many Sagittarians will also experience the gap between their wishes and what is actually there. Wanting and expecting too much from their partners, and at the same time not giving even half in return.

Single Sagittarians will have many opportunities, but they, too, will need to curve their expectations, learn not to jump too fast or demand too much from the new romances. They can have a lot of fun, meet many new people and be quite popular, yet running the risk of feeling depleted and unsatisfied when the party is over.

Sagittarians will bank on their charm, charisma and optimism to smooth all their relationship issues, but it will require a bit more than that. This year can favor married Sagittarians with expansions of all kinds.

Listening is always an issue with Sagittarians, and they all should make an effort to really pay attention to their partners and family. Even if think they know all the answers, it is not about knowing the solution, it’s about just being there when others find their way.

Direction for Sagittarius 2013

2013 is an open year for Sagittarians; it is up to them to make up their way. They can continue as they are, they can attempt new directions; they can enjoy the energies of the year for their spiritual/philosophical pursuits.

The major obstacles in this year will the usual Sagittarian obstacle, which is not listening to what other people are saying, not giving enough attention to those near and dear, as they would like to receive it.

Overall this year can be filled with fun, enjoyment, and those who wish for some quiet time, will have it.


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    Posted by April | November 5, 2012, 4:20 pm

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