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Astrology Transits

Saturn Transits through the houses:

Saturn transits always signify a time of growing up, taking more responsibility, and adjusting to circumstances as they are and not as you would like them to be. Saturn is always transiting somewhere in your chart, and you are usually very much aware of the shifting challenges you encounter throughout your life.
Many dread Saturn transits since they seem so hard, taxing and the misconception of Saturn as the Lord of Karma – as if Karma always means something bad. I have seen many charts, and heard many stories about Saturn Transits. I must say that in all cases, Saturn offered some type of an opportunity. It was not something that just fell in anyone’s lap, but the kind of real opportunity that requires some hard work, inner authority and responsibility that can lead a person to a better life with more opportunities and possibilities.
Saturn transit through each house takes about 2-3 years. The initial phase is when you are surprised and even bewildered when you realize that you must grow up in this arena, release a few dreams and get to work. Complaints and avoidance don’t get you anywhere with Saturn, only real doing counts. In mid-phase you get accustomed to the new skills, and the last months of its transit through each house can give you many gifts related to that house.

Saturn transit through the 1st house:

Saturn transit through the first house is a time in which you feel like you are growing up. When Saturn transited your ascendant you took upon you a new responsibility, and a new role. Now you have to actually leave it and become that new role. For some this is a great time of focusing on building their own inner strength and reliance. The best method to extract more of this transit is to avoid blaming others, and take care of what you have in your own plate. You can get to know yourself in a new manner and develop the adult you want to become, rather than the one you inherited from your past.
Saturn as the Lord of karma does not only talks about your past karma, but also the karma you create right now wsaturn transit housesith your thoughts and deeds. In this transit the causes and the effects of every personal effort become very obvious.

Saturn transit through the 2st house:

Saturn transit through the second house is a time in which you learn the value of things, your own worth, and what you are willing to do to get what you want. This is a time when you can learn how to earn money and how to invest it wisely. Sometimes you learn by mistakes. You come to know your desires and how much they cost you, and you can learn to focus on what is really worth your time and energy and discard what is not. Many people report problems with finances during this transit, but many also get an increase in earning at the end of the 2nd house Saturn transit that comes naturally due to their own investments and hard work.
Saturn as the lord of karma teaches during its 2nd house tour how to use your own abilities and talents (acquired in past lives) in a wise and constructive manner. Any karmic liabilities can also be solved during this time.

Saturn transit through the 3rd house:

This is one of the easiest Saturn transits. It focuses you on communication. You will probably learn how to operate a few new gadgets; you will find yourself going out more, learning something new, or traveling more. Saturn transiting the third house can highlight where you are left behind in communicating with people around you.
Saturn as the lord of karma here brings to the forefront communication skills that need some adaptation and relationships with siblings. All can be brought to a better place by agreeing to let go of what you know and cherished thoughts, and letting some new ideas take shape, or at least accepted as valid to other people.

Saturn transit through the 4th house:

Saturn transit through the fourth house brings you home. For some people this is a happy time enjoying more time at home, buying a new one or fixing up the one they have. But since the hardest to solve karmic relationships are those that relate to families – for most this is a hard transit. One realizes that he is becoming his parents even though he didn’t want to. One finds out that his children are not what he wanted them to be. There is a huge need for some new emotional basis from which to operate from, and at times it seems impossible to get there. By the time this transit is over you can make peace with where you came from, or at least accept it for what it is, you will probably improve in some way your family life, and this is one of the areas in life in which every small step can mean so much.
Saturn as the lord of karma here reminds you that you belong to a family, that there are emotional ties for good or bad there, and that those can be re-wired by your agreement to look into them, and maybe add a new emotional dimension that wasn’t there before.

Saturn transit through the 5th house:

Saturn transit through the fifth house is a time when romance is encountered, you want o go out and enjoy life yet at the same time you are encumbered by responsibilities such as caring for children, or your commitments to other partners. It is a time when people fall in love, when people feel as if they are leaving in a movie. This romance is never easy, the script is filled with agonies and dramas over your love life and your desire for eternal unconditional love which come to a crashing halt in front of reality. Many people remember this transit as the one in which they learn attraction, drama, and their place in creating all of these. The plus side for this transit is that you do look good and attractive, and your creative talents can be expressed in your own unique way.
Saturn as the lord of karma here teaches you about fun, creative, and attraction as well as many insights into your own inner child. You can establish a loving relationship and learn how to express yourself creatively. Most important you can enjoy your time in the spotlight during this transit.

Saturn transit through the 6th house:

Saturn transit through the sixth house forces you to learn how to shed the drama and deal with “taking care of business”, during this time you learn how to work hard, how to take good care of yourself, your responsibilities and everyday life’s necessities. You can and should pursue a new modality for better health care, and you may encounter some medical issues at this time. Alternatively, you may just learn slowly to work your way through daily maintenance of your home, your job responsibilities and taking care of others who are sick. I have seen many people changing their daily routine during this transit to include some exercise in it, finally learn how to clean their home and prepare a meal, and manage their work routine in a more efficient manner.
Saturn as the lord of karma here brings your habits of mundane daily tasks to your attention, showing you how you can improve those to your own benefit as well as others.

Saturn transit through the 7th house:

Saturn transit through the 7th house is a time when you know you are not alone, and you want to learn how to cooperate. Marriage becomes a major issue either the one you have is being upgraded and getting a new basis, or your wish for one makes you want to make the changes necessary for it to happen. Many people also use this transit to go into business with a partner, and learn the lessons of partnering through this type of connection. Beyond the obvious 7th house marriage issues, you can experience your ability to advise to other people, you can learn to listen attentively, and make space for some other special personality in your life. This is a time of building, many people conceive during this transit, or establishes their relationship in a legal sense with others.
Saturn as the lord of karma brings to your attention the realization that other people find themselves important just as you find yourself to be important to you. You can see through into the working outs of emotional ties and expectations and learn to adjust those to more realistic ones.

Saturn transit through the 8th house:

Saturn transit through the 8th house is when you have to dig deep into yourself, and release some of the stories you tell yourself. Many people feel a desire to feel stronger, and start on a spiritual quest to find out more about the occult, the afterlife, and other mysteries that they feel will give their existence meaning.  While looking for the power within, you will encounter your own value system, some issues regarding finances and their management will demand attention and re-adjustment from you. Some people use this opportunity to heal anything concerned with sexual misconduct, and releasing a lot of dependence that come along with it.
Saturn as the lord of karma can be experienced just as those words are saying. You can tap into the meaning of that word – karma. Liabilities from other lifetimes, but also your assets come into your attention. Those learned skills, the special insight that you have developed during all those lives. The connections you have with the people who are close to you and most important – your relationship with yourself.

Saturn transit through the 9th house:

Saturn transit through the ninth house is another of the easier ones. Your issues will be centered on beliefs. During the 8th house you found out that there is something else, and now you want to model your life accordingly, and may want to join a religious or spiritual group or church. You may start preaching to everyone around you, and please remember that they are going through a different Saturn transit than yours. You will test your ideas and your cultural understandings by traveling and meeting people from different backgrounds. Some people go to higher education, or get the opportunity to start teaching during this time.
Saturn as the lord of karma here shows you just how much beliefs, ideologies and cultural backgrounds contribute to who you are. You may choose o go along with those, or you may choose to bring in some new perspectives.

Saturn transit through the 10th house:

Saturn transit through the tenth house is the one in which you get what you have harvested. If you have harvested excuses, loneliness, victimhood and other ways of avoiding responsibility, you will find life hard to manage during this time. If you accepted your responsibility and took care of what was yours you will increase in status, position, and in other people’s eyes into a better place. You will probably get a good career opportunity, or other social role that will take you into the responsible adult position. Remind yourself that you are more than capable to handle this responsibility and you may enjoy it.  You learn to deal with authority, most of all your own inner authority.
Saturn as the lord of karma here gives the exact rewards for the work you have done in houses 1-9. It may surprise you but most people actually do the work, take care of themselves and others and are rewarded for their efforts with a better sense of peace in their minds, and confidences in themselves. The few who avoided any responsibility will find their stature diminishing during this time.

Saturn transit through the 11th house:

Saturn transit through the eleventh house is another time when you can be more free to pursue what it is that makes you an individual, and how you this individual relates to any group formation. This is a time when you spend more time with friends, with a group that wants to make a change in the world, and you feel the desire to give something from yourself to the betterment of others. The downside for this tendency  is that sometimes people feel superior to others and treat them in a domineering manner. Remind yourself that you can help more and be a better friend when you don’t feel like you are better than someone else, or that your group is superior in any way to other groups.
Saturn as the lord of karma here can show you where you can help others, where your particular talents are appreciated and can come into good use. Many people only value life in terms of money and possetions; here you can enjoy the real value of friendship and goodwill which are the real values that pertain to your next life’s karma.

Saturn transit through the 12th house:

Saturn transit through the 12th house is a time of withdrawal. Symptoms of depression may show up, even for very happy people. This is the time to get to know that you are valuable even if you don’t do anything, that you are loved just because, and that everybody needs some time on their own, diving deep into their emotions a few times in life. Many people find this transit hard, but those who explore spiritual practices enjoy it more. The feeling of losing your mind is temporary, and will pass as soon as Saturn crosses the ascendant sending you on a new path in life.
Saturn as the lord of karma shows everybody here that what stays are the emotional reactions, that there are other forces at work which we cannot control, maybe not even understand, and the personal powers are transitory in the large scheme of things.

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