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Capricorn in Esoteric Astrology

    Ray Name Constellation Capricorn I Will or Power Constellation Capricorn III Active Intelligence Constellation Capricorn VII Ceremonial Order Orthodox Ruler Saturn III Active Intelligence Esoteric Ruler Saturn III Active Intelligence   The constellation Capricorn has 3 rays influencing it. The only other constellation with 3 rays in it is Sagittarius. But, in Capricorn […]


Sagittarius in esoteric astrology

    Ray Name Constellation Sagittarius IV Harmony through Conflict Constellation Sagittarius V Concrete Science Constellation Sagittarius VI Idealism. Devotion Orthodox Ruler Jupiter II Love-Wisdom Esoteric Ruler The Earth III Active Intelligence   Sagittarius is one of only two constellations that receive the energy of 3 different rays. It is also the recipient of 2 […]


Libra in esoteric astrology

    Ray Name Constellation Libra III Active Intelligence Orthodox Ruler Venus V Concrete Science Esoteric Ruler Uranus VII Ceremonial Order   Libra has only one constellation energizing it, and it is that of the 3rd ray that of active intelligence. The active part of intelligence is very apparent in their manner. We all know […]


Cancer in esoteric astrology

    Ray Name Constellation Cancer III Active Intelligence Constellation Cancer VII Ceremonial Order Orthodox Ruler Moon IV Harmony through Conflict Esoteric Ruler Neptune VI Idealism. Devotion   Cancer is the gateway into life. This sign represents the actual birth; it also represents the old age. This sign holds the energy of those who need […]

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