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Uranus Transit in Aries 2010 – 2018

uranus in aries

Uranus will be in Aries from 2010 to 2018, we have already felt its first wave: “occupy wall St.”, the toppling down of dictators in the Middle East, and the ongoing upheavals and demands for new and better society.
Uranus is not the cause; it is just an expression of energy that is washing through the earth and interpreted by us in the following manners:
–    Greater personal freedom – the demand for this is most prevalent in the middle east, but you can see signs of it everywhere, and you will see more and more movements which are less organized, but their demand is one – the demand to work less hours, get more respect in the work place, and be able to live without mortgaging our future.
–    Greater courage – the “small man in the street” knows by now that he is not that small, and that the leaders so called are not that much smarter, wiser, or even more experienced than him. Many more people would like to live life in their own way, changing society rapidly.
–    More crime – yes, when you combine short tempered Aries with the high voltage of Uranus you get action without much thought, and that one is in many cases not legal, and does not contribute to the person or his surroundings. Laws are not respected (Pluto in Capricorn) and do not stop any one from committing crimes, by the time Uranus will finish the your in Aries, it will be obvious that the system doesn’t work.
Uranus in Aries puts an emphasis on the I. what I want, what I wish for, what I think is right or wrong, what I believe etc. This is not new, but the differences between each I (and there are about 7 billion of those), will be heightened.  The up side of this is a lot of hope, enthusiasm, and a dare to change conditions that do not support the individual.

Uranus in Aries Transit:

This specific transit is accompanied by a square configuration to Pluto in Capricorn – this can be taken down to the basic interpretation of the fight between the old and the new. We will see this issue raging throughout the period in all areas of life:
Science – many theories will be incepted, some will clash with what seems as if carved in stone and will challenge human though and interpretation.
Religion – A huge battleground for the forces of old vs. the forces of new
Economics – the current attempts to preserve the way economy is built will be challenged again and again throughout the world. The old way of doing commerce is and will continue to be challenged and demand for something else will bring many experiments.
Politics – One of the major arenas for change. All over the world regimes are being replaced, the question is what will replace them, the swing between old values and new values will be on the forefront of Politics.
Leadership – beyond politics, we are all looking for leaders that will take us out of the mass we are in, and for now, we don’t find them. The tendency to look for a savior, the media frenzy on any candidate which will crown him and topple him within a few short months will continue during this transit.

Uranus in Aries and You:

On a personal level – this is the time to go after your dreams, the worst that can happen is that you crash and burn, but you will not be sorry, because just by attempting and trying you will experience so much. The best that can happen is that you will know happiness. That is what stays – the experience, and Uranus in arise can bring you so many of those.
Take a look at your chart: find the house that transit will be playing on, and go ahead with making the changes again and again  – you can and should enjoy those. It’s better to have some spice in life.

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