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Venus in retrograde 2012

Venus in retro 2012Venus will be in retrograde motion from May 16, 2012 until June 8, 2012. This retrograde will be in Gemini from the 26° to the 7°.

Venus in Astrology rules the two areas in life that people are mostly concerned with: Money and Relationship. We, astrologers find ourselves answering questions regarding love relationships and money issues far more than any other subject.

So, you ask yourself what to expect, or where will this affect you personally, you do not need to look far. Back in 2004, Venus was retrograde in very similar degrees in the sign of Gemini. To be exact that retrograde started on May 18, 2004 on the 26° of Gemini until June 20, 2004, when Venus turned direct on the 9° degree of Gemini.

Of course this retrograde of Venus comes with different planetary configuration, which will highlight different aspects of both finances and relationships, but still, you can get a very good idea of what to expect, and beyond that. What worked for you back then, what did not, and therefore should not be attempted again.

Venus in retrograde has the reputation of breaking up relationships, and of bringing on financial disasters. This reputation does have some truth in it, but the real significance is in realizing that there are warning signs prior to the breakups, or bankruptcy.

If a relationship breaks up, it breaks up over the same issues that were there all along. Anything that bothers you with your partner, any area of deceit in the relationship, and inequality that is there all along, suddenly rises to the surface where you cannot ignore it anymore, and you have to deal with it.

The same pertains to finances, if you spend more than you earn, than at some point you will have to face the fact that this cannot go on. The Venus in retrograde times are those times when you have to balance your bank accounts, and pay your debts.

What you should avoid doing while Venus is in retrograde motion:

  • Do not sign on any major financial deals (I mean Major, don’t fret over every little signature)
  • Many astrologers advise against starting up new relationships, I’m not one of them. I have seen many relationships that started during the Venus in retrograde period that made a huge impact on both sides. True, many of those relationships did not last, but for some reason, those were not the relationship that made people sorry for having them, or remember them with regrets. If someone shows up – go for it, you will probably not get hurt.
  • Old relationships do come around. Yes, this does happen. Old lovers show up, and you do get a chance to heal a pain, or just see them in a new way (they don’t look so great any more), which makes it easier to forgive and move on.
  • This is not the time for any new look. Many people try out new looks during the Venus in Retrograde times. This could be a blonde dying her hair black, or a brunette dying her hair blonde. This could be new outfits, different colors. Those changes usually do not last beyond the retrograde period. The wise thing to do is to play around with the new hair style and cloths, just don’t make any permanent change and don’t spend too much on cloths you will only were once.

Venus retro in geminiVenus in Retrograde in Gemini

Over this last few months, with the Mars in retrograde in Virgo, Saturn retrograde in Libra, and Neptune entrance to Pieces – we all feel like we are being stretched beyond our capacity on one hand and squeezed out of breath and strength on the other.

This Venus in retrograde is in Gemini after all, and Gemini is the sign of communication. We can use this time to talk things through. Do not hide at home and wait it out, better to go out and try and converse as much as you can. Rely on friendships to support you, find a way to express yourself, the worst that can happen is that you will make a bit of a wrong impressions, and in the large scheme of life, that is not such a major mishap.

Most likely is that you will find a way to communicate and relate on a simple level. This period can teach you on how to be in a relationship without too much attachment, and too many expectations from your partner.

On a global scale expect more and more lies and conspiracies to come to the surface. We will all realize that we cannot trust the large media companies any more. The news that we get are not always the real news, the cover ups, and the propaganda that we are fed on a daily basis will be apparent. Media companies are big business, they have too much influence, and their goal is to make money, they long ago forgot any sense of truth or journalistic values– remember that.

The Personal Affect of Venus in Retrograde 2012


Personally, each individual will feel the effects of this Venus in Retrograde in their own private astrology chart, in the house where Gemini is place. Take a look at your horoscope chart, and locate the 7° – 23° degrees of Gemini by HOUSE.

The area in life represented by the house will go some kind of transformation during that period. If you have any planet on those degrees of Gemini, you will be affected even more, and will find yourself in a new place in July.

This specific retrograde will center on deceptions of every kind. We all deceive ourselves every day, we all say nice things to people even though we do not mean them just to “not hurt their feelings” or be “socially accepted”. There are the big deceptions and betrayals, but this coming Venus in retrograde will also bring up all those small “white lies” we tell our friends and they tell us. Gossip will show it ugly face, as well as the power of rumors to destroy, even though they were fabricated in the first place.

We can all learn how to communicate with more truth, with some thought given to the affects of our words, and we will all have a chance to learn to do just that during June 2012.





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