Aries in Esoteric Astrology


Ray Name Constellation Aries I Will or Power Constellation Aries VII Ceremonial Order Orthodox Ruler Mars VI Idealism. Devotion Esoteric Ruler Mercury IV Harmony through Conflict   Aries is the first sign in our zodiac, and is the symbol for new beginnings.  Aries the constellation is conditioned by the 1st ray of Will and Power … Read more

Virgo in Esoteric Astrology


    Ray Name Constellation Virgo II Love-Wisdom Constellation Virgo VI Idealism. Devotion Orthodox Ruler Mercury IV Harmony through Conflict Esoteric Ruler The Moon IV Harmony through Conflict   Virgo is the sign where those born under it learn how to serve. The energy of the 2nd ray combined with the 6th ray are very … Read more