Full Moon (Eclipse) Sagittarius / Gemini Horoscope: December 10, 2011

sagittarius gemini full moonThe Horoscope of the Full Moon in Sagittarius-Gemini is heightened by its being an Eclipse.  To get some understanding on the energies lets look at Sagittarius – Gemini, or the axis of knowledge. Both of those signs are sponges to information. In this day and age we have a lot of it. Right now you are reading these words on a blog, the quintessential Gemini energy. I get to communicate with readers. Readers get to consume as much information as they want.

Now, if Gemini brings the daily knowledge that can become common sense, or on the other hand as no sense  at all. Sagittarius is the one is responsible to help bring this sense into proper use. To develop information into knowledge, knowledge into something worthwhile, you need to look further and higher, and that’s the Sagittarius role.  

Both signs are major factors of our thoughts, what we believe in (Sagittarius), and how do we navigate in daily lives (Gemini). You really don’t have one without the other. What we say, chat, comment, etc. is derived to a large part from what we believe in and aspire to. Many religions (Sagittarius) have a strong emphasis on daily routine, (Mercury – Gemini ruler) just to illustrate the impact of the Gemini-Sagittarius emphasis in our day to day.

The general feeling of this horoscope is that of thoughts running around even faster than the usual, and us feeling a bit out of breath trying to keep up with our own minds.  Mercury is in retro motion in Sagittarius, just adding to the confusion.

Both signs are generally light hearted, fast paced, and easily forget and move on. There is some energy of impatience, we all want our wishes to come true sooner, tomorrow morning if possible, yet of course it is not possible.

full moon sagitarius geminiJupiter in Taurus will turn into direct motion in a couple of days, and will bring a lot of hope back with it, moving through Taurus in the next couple of months. This energy can bring with it high materialism, it can also bring understanding on how to break out of the chains of wishing for more staff into a free wise attitude towards personal and global resources.

For all who read and expect major event for this eclipse, if anything will happen it will be in the religion and religious practices viewpoint.  

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

How much information am I consuming each day?

What is the pace of my thoughts? actions?

Is there a connection between believes and daily routine?

What is there in my life right now that is costing me more than its worth?


The new moon takes place on Dec  10, 14:36 GMT, 18° of Sagittarius-Gemini.


full moon Sagittarius Gemini 2011 

Full Moons:

Full Moons are time to reflect, time to celebrate, and time to make friends with the night. Many of our holidays are still celebrated around full moons when the nights are naturally illuminated.  Full Moons are also the time where people get in tune with their deepest feelings, when humanity guides are transmitting the light of conciseness, understanding and compassion.

It is advised Not to start any new project within the 24 hours of the full moon, but rather use that day for mundane tasks, while enjoying an acute sense of meditation.  Full Moons are times for reflection.

Take a look at your chart, locate the 18th degree of the Mutable signs, any planet on this degree will be affected by the full moon. In affected I mean, understood in a new way, rather than acted upon. The action will follow when the point is activated next time by a transiting planet.