Full Moon Taurus / Scorpio Horoscope: May 6 , 2012

Wesak Festival 2012The Wesak Festival is upon us. This Scorpio / Taurus full moon, is THE full moon of the year, no matter what configuration surrounds it.

So, why do we, astrologers, make such a big fuss over this full moon? In the spiritual circles this full moon is known as the full moon in which the guardians of humanity transmit the energy of enlightenment, and yes, there is the belief that the Buddha realized enlightenment on this full moon.

For us, ordinary people, this full moon is also a time to reach beyond. We can all get a chance to experience a new feeling. This full moon is on a Sunday, so most of us will have the opportunity of opening up quietly into a new impression.

What do I mean by that? We live our lives in a mixture of feelings, each with his or her range of feelings, emotions and thoughts, and we are so used to them that we can hardly move past them. The Scorpio full moon can give each of us a taste of a new feeling, something that is beyond words, fleeting sensation that cannot be grasped, it washes over us, and it’s gone. This small quiet loving feeling can make a huge impact over the many months that will follow.

And now for the full moon horoscope:

Scorpio and Taurus can teach us true love, and real values, on the way towards that end we usually experience everything that is not love, and putting values on the material instead of the real. We experience lust, we experience desire that can never be fulfilled. We are looking for power over our lives and find ourselves playing power struggles with other people, feeling depleted and empty most of the time.

This full moon will not be easy. (I find it so hard just to write this post…)Many of us are struggling with these specific issues which seem to cause so much pain: sense of no power, lack of resources, and relationships that are based on anything other than love (lust, energy steeling, power struggles, and compromises).

Scropio full moon 2012Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs. These are the two signs that never give up, never forget, and go for what they want, no matter what the consequences are. There is no need to reform any of them, the only thing that needs to be considered with these energies at play, is WHAT DO THEY WANT? If any Scorpio or Taurus aspires and strives for anything that has real value in it, they can change the world for the better. If they aspire to selfish materialization and ego glorification, than they can hurt themselves and those around them. Nothing wrong with determination and not even with the enjoyment of material comfort – it’s the motivation that counts.

There are so many issues that come to the surface with this Full Moon in Scorpio /Taurus. Many of them have been highlighted in the past few months. Besides the Sun/Moon opposition, there is the Mars /Neptune opposition which have been with us for a few months by now. Our actions are still not where we want them to be. We make plans, we try hard, and yet for some reason when it’s time to actually manifest, we end up with a diffused product. We are angry and we don’t know why, we want to change things and we don’t know where to start. We feel tired unexpectedly, and many have the feeling of loosing trust with themselves and with the world.

The good news about this Full Moon is that this configuration is about to finish in the next few day, and that overall this full moon does have a lot of positive building energies in it. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter and in a very wide orb is in a grand trine with Pluto and Mars.

This is the time to stop waiting for other people, and start helping ourselves. Saturn in Lira is in a trine to Libra’s ruler Venus in Gemini. That configuration helps us talk about our issues in a constructive manner and reach agreements that can benefit both sides in the long run.

The moon is in Quintile triangle with Mars and Venus, which can help creative solutions to come to mind, and help that fleeting feeling come in s surprising manner and give all of us a lot of hope and a sense that after all – life is good, life is worth living.

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

In your meditation in this full moon try to reach beyond, yet keep your feet on the ground. When you ask and pray, please make sure you ask and pray for what is possible, what CAN happen. These energies will support plans that have some reality in them.

This is a great time to put behind a desire that will never be fulfilled. Be honest, any desire that is based on the wish for revenge, or plain ego glorification will backfire on you, just drop it, and move on with your life.

Can you allow a sense of well being to permeate you, even if only for a while?

Full moon at 16° Scorpio / Taurus:  May 6, 03:35 GMT

Full moon Taurus Scorpio 2012

Full Moons:

Full Moons are the time to get connected, time to celebrate, and time to make friends with the night. Many of our traditional holidays are still being celebrated on full moons when the nights are naturally illuminated.  Full Moons are the time when emotions have the upper hand over the mind.

It is best to take time around the Wesak Festival (Taurus full moon) to let inspiration come. It is a time to let love and wisdom rise up within each and every member of humanity.

Take a look at your chart, locate the 16th degree of the Fixed signs, any planet on this degree, means that you will feel this full moon with an extra sense. Try not to act, just let the realization be, it will lead you in the right direction, the nest time the 16° is activated (by Mars on Sep. 17).