New Moon in Aries Horoscope: March 22, 2012

New moon in AriesThe new moon in Aries comes right after the Sun’s ingress into Aries and a new astrological year is celebrated. Looks like n interesting year, but for all 2012 dooms and glooms, it doesn’t seem that the world is coming to an end, rather that it is continuing as usual, in usual I mean usual – some conflicts going on in some places, some corruption in others, and many many good people giving their heart to helping and loving other people.

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Aries shows tension. Aries as an energy does not like to wait. In many respects it is the energy of a child demanding something RIGHT NOW, and is not willing to wait, in many cases the situation ends up with the child screaming. After the tantrum is over, the child sees something else he or she wants, and the whole episode starts again.

There is a room for the energy of : ME FIRST!, it is a very important aspect in life, and it should be manifested, since this is the only way to make any progress, to break out of obstacles, and to bring something new into the world that wasn’t there before. Yes, other people may get hurt, may feel cast aside, but sometimes you have to commit to yourself and your dreams – this is the time to do so.

So this horoscope is all about impatience, wanting to act, looking for an outbreak. Yet, Aries ruler, Mars is still in retro in Virgo, and the feeling is like wishing to rush ahead, and yet being tied up in many small knots that need to be untied patiently.

S0, we start anew, venturing into Spring still tied up with all the unfinished business still clamoring around us. Where can that lead us?

The choice will be very individualistic (Aries), those prone to get angry will get angry, while those who are used to fight will get into fights, those that like to throw themselves into new ventures will do so, and many will find a constructive way to utilize this forward moving energy to try out new things, assert themselves, and feel alive.

In this horoscope,  Behind the Sun/Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries, we find a beautiful triangle in the earth signs, of Mars Pluto and Venus/Jupiter. This triangle is in formation for about three weeks, and it does help to stabilize life. The routine can go on as it is, no matter how angry someone may get, no matter how impatient people are, they know that real change takes time, that real progress is measures in years.

This is a time of choice. Your actions do count, your words do resonate, and the important thing will be to find a way to be who you are without hiding, without apologizing, and if possible – enjoy living life.

For all who read: This new moon will bring with it the desire for something new. It is a time to try out a new personality; a time to dare, a time to break out of real or imagined confines and strike out just to feel alive.

The new moon takes place on Mar 22, 14:37 GMT, 2° of Aries.

new moon in Aries 2012


Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruler: Mars

House: 1st House

AriesAries is the first sign, and its energy is the energy of new. This is the energy of the personality as it attempts to find its place in the world, to make a statement, to dare, and to feel alive.

The Aries energy does not like to plan too much, it is in the moment, in the actual doing, and there is no place for analyzing in this energy. Aries are truthful, they like to lead, to go out and have as much fun as possible.

People with their Sun in Aries will always have to do something a new in this life, many of them starting out in different areas in their lives again and again (moving from one home to the other every few years, changing jobs, changing hobbies, and changing lovers, changing friends.

If you have strong Aries in your chart stop looking for stability and embrace the opportunity to feel alive each time you move into something new in your life. Allow yourself to be the leader, and  allow yourself to be the creator. The Aries energy becomes a great gift as the years go by and you find yourself still young at heart, still willing to try out new things, and still having enough stamina to keep on being alive.

New Moons:

New Moons are a good time to seed something new. Take a look at your chart, locate the 2th degree of Aries by house and do something new in that respect, without fear, or too much thinking.