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2014 horoscopes

Aquarius Horoscope 2014

Overall Aquarius Horoscope 2014

2014 will present many opportunities as well as challenges to the Aquarians. Some Aquarians will feel the need to break out of old routine and express their rebellious side, others will feel the pressure to grow up and take responsibility, while others will find themselves in situations where their mind skills are not enough, and they will need to express more heart.

The year will have surprises in it, and the idea is to become a more rounded person. Many Aquarians tend to live in their own concepts, tend to view others as separate from them, and as friendly as they are, it is hard to get a real understanding to the point of view or the challenges that face the people around them.

In 2014 those concepts will not be enough, they will be challenged continuously by people around them, all of them asking the Aquarian to step down from their high ideas, and deal with life as it is, with all its emotional difficulties as well as rewards.

In 2014, Aquarians, more than other signs will find that they are drawn to eating healthier, drawn to practices that emphasize the wholeness of living, with the need to take time to meditate, and find a way to combine mind and heart.

Career Horoscope Aquarius 2014

Aquarians will have many challenges, and at the same time there will be good opportunist for them. The keynote for the year is to expect the unexpected. Careful planning will not work this year, but rather, every day they will have to see how they meet that day’s demands and surprises.

Some Aquarians will find themselves opening their own business, or becoming more independent in many respects in their daily job. This will seem as if they have no other choice, and that they are pushed into it. It is important to remember that even if the venture will not work as the Aquarian wishes it to work; the process and the connections forms will help them for the future.

This year, as frustrating and as challenging as it will seem, will be a good year for many Aquarians who will find themselves being forced out, or giving an inward push towards doing more, taking more responsibility, and performing tasks that seemed impossible for them just a while ago.

Relationships Horoscope Aquarius 2014

In 2014 Aquarians will need to put in more effort in their relationships. Many of them are able to be in their relationships, while spending their days in their own cocoon so to speak. This usually works, when the partners get their way and the Aquarians don’t put any fights to keep the harmony going. This year it will not work. Small issues one after the other will pile up and force the Aquarians to be present with their spouses, with their families, without any protections from their mind or thoughts.

This will be a year in which #Aquarians will feel. They will feel how others are feeling, and any attempt to close off and retreat from too much emotion will not work well.

On a real day to day level, Aquarians will have to make real choices, those who are in long term relationships without marriage will be face with the need for commitment, and those whose relationships are not working will not be able to act as if all is OK and will have to make hard decisions.

Single Aquarians will want to stay singles this year.


Aquarius Astrology Direction for 2014

The energies of 2014 will force the Aquarians to make clear statements about who they are, and will force them to be more than that. This will not be easy, many of them will not understand why they have to deal with all this human stuff, why other people’s emotions affect them so much, and they will have to do more mundane tasks than ever before.

The rewards for this year are great and important, first the feelings will be genuine, relationships will be more real, and even at work, there will be progress. The rewards will come to all Aquarians who will open up and step down to where everybody else are. In short, any feeling of superiority by the Aquarian will cost them heavily and life will show them their inferiority rather than superiority.

This is the year of feeling, of allowing emotions to run in all directions and be OK with them.


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